Jurassic Park Cosplay

Do any of you cosplay Jurassic Park? It’s been somewhat of a dying art over the past few years, but I’m hoping it’ll rise in popularity when Jurassic World comes out. (Right now, based on Trevorrow’s released movie stills, I’m preparing a cosplay for Claire from Jurassic World. Got to get ahead of the game.) I’ve heard that there’s a big Jurassic Park group that does DragonCon every year; hopefully they’ll do the new movie next year.

Anyway, if you guys have any JP cosplays, I’d love to see pictures. Or if you have any advice for prop-making, making certain costume pieces, etc., please share them. Or, heck, just say hi. I’d like to know if I’m the only one in a black outfit and a very specific type of black leather jacket in this big, cold, lonely world.

P.S. Anybody go to Anime Weekend Atlanta this year? If you did, hi again, you’ve probably met me because I probably took your picture. I was the chick in the Ellie Sattler costume, or the Ian Malcolm costume, depending on which day you went.


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