Fanfics You Should Be Reading #1

Welcome to Fanfics You Should Be Reading. I plan to do this every week or so, give or take a little. Here, I’ll post three Jurassic park fanfics (and maybe stories from a couple other fandoms for good measure). summarize them and give you a good reason to click the links.

#1. Footsteps of Thunder, by Untherius

Summary: Picking up at the moment the first movie ended, this is an AU where, instead of making it to the US, the helicopter carrying the survivors of Isla Nublar (including Robert Muldoon, but sans John Hammond) crashes in Costa Rica, leaving the group to learn how to survive and fend for themselves. It’s part post-apocalypse, part action-adventure, and has just the right amount of romance.

Why you should be reading it: The story has fantastic characterization and excellent storytelling. It’s a rapid-paced action story and family drama– in other words, it keeps the spirit of the franchise while taking the story in its own direction.

#2. Era’s End, by a tattered rose

Summary: This is short and– well, sweet, but a very heartbreaking kind of sweet. It’s a character study about Alan Grant and his relationship with Ellie as their lives move in different directions.

Why you should be reading it: The films themselves didn’t go into detail about why such an obviously good couple decided to break up. This story fills that gap, but leaves some of it unexplored. (It’s a little like a horror movie– what they don’t show is the saddest part.) It gives us a glimpse into the mind of a character whose thought processes aren’t often deeply explored.

#3. Disorganized Chaos, by Shawarma_In_Saskatchewan

Summary: A one-shot character study that somewhat bridges the gap between Jurassic Park and The Lost World by showing three panic attacks that Ian Malcolm had after he returned home. (I don’t have a mushy character study problem. I can quit any time I want.)

Why you should be reading it: If you’re only going to read one story about Malcolm’s life after the island, this should be it. (This and my story Publicity; actually, my story was slightly inspired by this one.) It’s a frank depiction of PTSD and a life that’s taken a complete turn for the worse. The characterization is spot-on, it fits perfectly into canon and if Ian’s your favorite character, it’ll break your heart.

That’s all for now. I’ll post more soon, and eventually, from different sites– there are lots of fanfic websites out there.


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