We have a poster!


We’ve got a new movie poster! It looks… metallic!


This doesn’t tell us anything about the movie itself (although the logo looks a little more like the “classic” one– could this be a bit of reassurance from the production team that they’re keeping the original movies in mind and that the franchise is in good hands, since a lot of fans have been worried about that lately? I’m just throwing ideas out here) but it definitely looks good. And the tagline, while understated, is spooky.

That’s the only problem I have with this. It’s understated. It seems a little unfair at this point for this to be the only type of official movie preview (we’re dying to see the D-rex, the least Trevorrow could do is throw us a bone) but this isn’t the last poster, so we’ll probably get something with at least a character photo soon. The trailer is due to be released in a couple of weeks as well, attached to Interstellar. And anyway, how often can they make movie posters with the logo and nothing else? They wouldn’t just remix the same poster a few times and not give us any glimpses at what the movie will look like, right?


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