Fanfics You Should Be Reading #2

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading! Sorry about the absence, I was simultaneously sick and competing in One-Act. But now that I’m better and bored again, here we go:

#1. The Silliest JP Fanfiction Ever Written by Lord Kristine–

Summary: Ellie, Alan and Ian go back to Isla Nublar, and chaos ensues. It’s the sequel you never knew you wanted—basically, what everybody got excited to see when they heard Jurassic World was getting made.

Why you should be reading it: This is lighthearted fun, plain and simple. It’s action and comedy, but mostly comedy, and tends on the absurd side. If you want a JP fanfic that’s long enough to tell a good story (27 chapters and counting) but doesn’t take itself too seriously, this is for you.

#2. Out of the Mist by Cerulean Pen—

Summary: The first Jurassic Park movie gets an additional cast member: Misty, Ian Malcolm’s daughter. (Don’t look at me like that, my story was different.) The story blends movie and novel canon, so we don’t know exactly what the ending will be like or how the story will progress.

Why you should be reading it: This is not like any other OC-insertion movie-canon story I’ve ever read. It’s well-written, focuses on characters whose perspectives we don’t see much of in the movie, provides interesting character backstories and doesn’t disrupt canon (Misty doesn’t steal anyone else’s lines or heroic moments). Plus, the OC involved is quite likeable, and the author makes the audience actually care what happens to her. This hasn’t been updated in a while, but the chapters that are up are a good read.

#3. Fragile Little Bones by RorschachZodiac—

Summary: After the events of The Lost World, a raptor pack finds a human baby and tries to teach it to become one of them. It’s all told from the dinosaurs’ perspective, which turns the events of the second movie and everything afterward into a dark prehistoric drama.

Why you should be reading it: The prose is beautiful, the story is engaging and the new perspective makes you see the dinosaurs as characters and not just monsters. In other words, it shows the other side of the Jurassic Park story while telling its own narrative. The author makes the dinosaurs leap off the page, and for once they don’t try to eat anyone.


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