Where’s the goat?

A new, short set video from the Jurassic World set has been leaked, and it shows a thick jungle, a downward shot of some trees and a goat. It’s attached to a chain and clearly meant to be eaten, just like the first movie. This is so great. So many questions! I wonder if they’ll try to re-create the classic “where’s the goat?” bit with the D-rex. Hopefully this poor goat hasn’t been fending for itself in the ruins of Jurassic Park all this time. Here’s the video: https://vt.tumblr.com/tumblr_ne6sj33n9M1r7cex5.mp4#_=_

Thanks to the Jurassic World forums: http://www.jurassicworldnews.com/community/forums/topic/38581

Halloween is in a couple of days! I’m going as Queen Elsa because I’m a living cliche. I expect to see some Jurassic Park costumes from someone somewhere. Or at least a raptor pumpkin. Throw me a bone here.


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