2-Sentence Horror

Happy Halloween! This isn’t JP-related, but I wrote a bunch of 2-sentence horror stories for my creative writing club, so I thought I’d share them.

Monsters don’t hide under your bed, or in your closet, or in dark rooms. Monsters hide inside your skin.

I thought I was just sick until I finally felt well enough to get out of bed. That was when I looked in the mirror and saw nothing reflected in it.

The last time my brother hit me, I hit him back, and I made sure he knew how upset I was. Now my brother doesn’t talk much, or move, or do anything really, but at least he doesn’t bother me anymore.

Boy, Mrs. Jones sure looked angry when she put Johnny in detention yesterday, really, really mad. Oh well; what do you think was in the mystery meat at lunch today?

We had a spider infestation—they lived in the walls, on the ceilings, even under that carpet—but Dad took care of it. The only problem is, now the spiders all live inside Dad.

I’ve been really, really hot lately, and whenever I try to cool off, nothing works. I thought summer was just longer than usual this year, but then I saw the guy with the horns.

Hey, can I tell you something? You know how, when people are really hungry, they say, “I’m so hungry, I could eat someone’s arm?” Well, I kinda…


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