Jurassic World Girls’ Shirts

Lots of movie franchises, especially ones marketed to boys, are looking for ways to expand their merchandising in order to appeal to more demographics than their target. For instance, Disney has marketed so much Olaf stuff after Frozen came out because they know that girls would buy the princess stuff anyway, and they needed a way to get boys to buy Frozen toys too. Other companies, like DC, have attempted this in different ways:


And in less condescending but equally pink fashion:


Well, let me tell you, things like this really inspire me. They help me remember that some movies are just boy movies when it comes to young kids, but that little girls can join in the fun, too, as long as pink or marriage is involved! And since Jurassic World will begin releasing merchandise soon, I thought I’d take a page from DC’s book and design them some movie-related T-shirts for little girls.






Excuse me if I don’t update for a while, I’ll be sitting by the phone waiting for my licensing offer.

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