A Look at D-Rex?

A piece of possible Jurassic World concept art was leaked yesterday, signed by Crash McCreery (a concept artist for Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park 3) and appearing to show the mutant Diabolus rex from the new movie:


This is not official or confirmed, and may have just been made by a bored and very talented fan on DeviantArt, but if it’s real… wow. I can’t say I’m particularly impressed. With the added snake DNA, I and a lot of other fans were hoping for long snake fangs and a forked tongue, but neither of those seem to be on the animal. Really, it just looks to me like a T. rex with spikes on its back, crossed with the mechanical rex from Transformers: Age of Extinction and unfed for six weeks (look how much the bones protrude on the face). On a positive note, I do like that it has a sickle claw.

What do you think? Should D. rex look different? Do you think this is real? Tell me in the comments!

Thanks to JPLegacy.org for the news and photo.

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