Jurassic World Lego Dinosaurs Leaked!

The dinosaur models for Jurassic World’s Lego sets were leaked recently (http://www.groovebricks.com/lego-jurassic-world-2015-leaked-dinosaurs-images/) and, assuming they’re legit, we know what the D-rex looks like. Just look at this thing:


Oh dear, it’s got dextrous claws.

That right there is an albino dinosaur. Not quite what we’d pictured, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe that’s its ‘in-between setting’ for when it’s not camouflaging to match anything. Or maybe, since human figures appear not to have been developed yet, its colors just haven’t been added. Either way, it’s appropriately fearsome and looks part- allosaur, part-giganotosaur and part- carcharodontosaur. The red eyes are also a nice touch, as are what appear to be the spines down its back.

Tyrannosaur photos were also leaked:



Aww, lookit. He’s tilting his widdle head.
I could make a white-people joke here so easily.

As were a few raptors:





The differing colors raise a few questions about the raptors’ genetics. Are there different strains of raptor in this park, and what caused that to happen? Are some of these raptors from the park and others from the wilds of abandoned Isla Nublar? Have their genes been messed with, and does the fact that they can now be “trained” have anything to do with it? Am I overthinking this a little?

We also got a glimpse at an animal that looks a bit different from the above raptors:


This is also mired in possibilities. Maybe the other raptors are wild and this one is from the park, or vice-versa. Maybe this is from a Lego set geared to smaller kids– the company’s done that before. Or this might not be a raptor at all. Maybe it’s a troodon or a compsognathus (the latter has appeared in the franchise before, most notably in The Lost World). Personally, I hope it’s a dromaeosaur or a deinonychus. It probably isn’t (raptors are pretty much the only dromaeosaurids to appear in the movies, and the species are so much alike that there wouldn’t be any point in having a deinonychus do something a raptor could do just as easily) but a geek can dream.

Lastly, let me ruin the D-rex for you:


Rudy from ‘Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs’.

Your move, Universal.


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