Trailer! Sort of!

20-second trailer! We’ve got a 20-second trailer that’s just a shot from the first Jurassic Park movie, here! See? Nobody cares.

Okay. I care. I care quite a bit. We’ve got our first Jurassic World trailer! Check this thing out:

So it’s just a shot of the water cup from the first movie, okay, but it’s suspenseful. And creepy. It just makes you think, “Something big is coming,” and then it makes you shiver, and I’m sure that’s exactly what they were going for. Well, mission accomplished, Jurassic World team. Other than the suspense value, what I like about this is what it signifies. We have just seen the first actual trailer for the Jurassic Park movie we’ve waited 13 years for. This is important because it shows us that the movie is really happening. It makes it real.

So, good job, Trevorrow. Very creepy and minimalistic. Now hand over the full-length trailer and nobody gets hurt.


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