Teaser Trailer!!!!!

We’ve got a Jurassic World teaser trailer! The full-length trailer hasn’t yet been released, but now we have a trailer for the trailer. It’s 10 seconds long, but what a glorious 10 seconds it is. I’ve got stills, but watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvdIL7pUjcg

First we see…THE GATES!


And we get a peek of the scenery behind it, which looks pretty stunning. The place looks futuristic already. And is that water underneath the monorail track that the camera is entering on? Do visitors come in on a track over the Mosasaur lagoon? Probably not, but how cool would that be?



OK, here is my one beef with this trailer. The CGI is terrible. Some people are saying it’s on par with a SyFy channel dinosaur movie. I think it’s a little better than that, but it’s nowhere near the level of the original movies. Hopefully this is just an unfinished product and the movie’s special effects are still being worked on. Or they used the really good effects on the D. rex and T. rex– the first brachisoaur in the first movie had some pretty horrible CGI plastered to it, but every other effect in the movie worked. Either way, I love Gallimimus, and I’m glad we’re seeing them again. I also like that vehicle. It looks like Roland and Peter’s ride in The Lost World.

And then… KIDS IN A POD!


…Ugh, we gotta have two kids in this thing? All right, fine, just as long as they’re not dragging the plot down. Here we see our first good shot of the futuristic pod-things that transport visitors through the dino areas, and I’ve gotta say, they look cool. If you’ll look to your right, ladies and gentlemen, you’ll see another badly-CGI’d brachiosaur. Feel nostalgic yet?

And then we get a look at… THE CONTROL ROOM!


Look at that place! That’s AWESOME! Look at all the screens and everything! They’ve got some really high-tech control and monitoring mechanisms going on. It’s a little glimpse at how powerful the D. rex must be– anything that could break through a highly specialized, strong containment system like that must be one big, smart mutant. As Tumblr’s iheartjurassicpark pointed out, there’s a big black area in the north of the island, which must be the restricted area, AKA the raptor-filled ruins of the former park! At the control panels are who I’m assuming are Jake Johnson’s and Lauren Lapkus’ characters, and at the forefront is Claire, another Jurassic redhead.

But will she be back in five or six pieces?

And then… OWEN!


I have one thing to say, and one thing only– never stop being perfect, Chris Pratt.

Okay, one other thing– is that a Dr. Grant shirt?

Finally… LOGO!


It’s chrome, so you know it’s serious. This entire thing, by the way, is set to a minimalistic piano rendition of the original theme song, and intercut by the tagline “The park is open”. It’s a pretty chilling effect.

So this isn’t a bad teaser. Of course, I want more and I want it now, but we’ll all have to wait for the full-length one, which for all of our 13 years’ worth of waiting and watching had better be at least ten minutes long. I’m worried about the CGI, but we haven’t seen the full picture, so I guess I can’t judge quite yet. If the rest of the sets and special effects are as epic as that control room, though, it won’t be a bad movie at all. The trailer will premiere during NBC football on Thursday night, so either keep an eye out for it during your regular Thanksgiving football viewing or insist on watching it with your relatives.

Finally, I would like you to see this teaser image from the Jurassic Park Facebook page:


I posted this so that you all can see the tragic dinosaur healthcare system going on in this park. Stegosaur obesity, triceratops that are either zombies, sick, having an especially hard time getting up or yodeling from pain– where does it end?

Thanks to Tumblr user jurassiraptor for the stills.


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