Jurassic World Arcade Game and Leaked Trailer

Okay, we’ve got stuff! First of all, there’s been leaked footage of a new Jurassic World arcade game!

Here’s the video: http://www.jurassicworld.org/?id=202

From iheartjurassicpark, photos of the exterior:



I could’ve analyzed that further, but I didn’t because something much bigger happened. Apparently there was a trailer leak by an Instagram user a few hours ago! The video was promptly taken down by Universal, but Tumblr’s arrowtongue and iheartjurassicpark (I love that person, seriously) gave us screencaps:




According to a JPLegacy user named Nublar7, the trailer contained a mosasaur feeding show, a little bit of the D. rex, Bryce Dallas Howard saying that they’d created a mutant and Owen telling a group of raptors to stand down. By all accounts, the mosasaur looked good, but the D. rex had horrible CGI and several things that should have been there– like an object that Chris Pratt was leaning on– were missing. Everyone who saw it is saying that this was an early test version of the trailer, a speculation that made sense when they saw raptors from one of the previous movies being used in a shot. So all we got was a shoddy test trailer, but still, it would’ve been cool to see before Universal pounced on it. At least we’ll see the actual, good version in three days.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment to stare at the mosasaur picture:


AWW YEAH! LOOK AT IT EATING THAT SHARK! They got at least one thing right!

And from Alberta, Canada’s website, we now know that the trailer’s runtime is a pretty-spiffy 2 minutes and 26 seconds:


We’ve only got three more days until the full trailer, so let’s just wait this out. And if any you guys saw the trailer leak, please tell us all about it in the comments.

EDIT: Do not tell us all about it in the comments. Apparently some people at Universal are very angry about the trailer leaks; Trevorrow himself personally thanked every JP fan site that didn’t assist in spreading the leaks. The photos I posted are already online, so it’s not like you couldn’t find them yourself after ten seconds of digging. I’m keeping them up for now, but if I get even one comment from one person saying the pictures shouldn’t be here, I’ll gladly take them down.


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