Jurassic World CGI/ my personal life

Hey everyone! It’s almost Thanksgiving! I won’t update tomorrow, and since my family has a new foster dog/is already preparing Thanksgiving dinner, I don’t have a ton of time to update this. Nothing new has really happened in Jurassic World news, but something might go down tomorrow; the Jurassic World website still has a countdown running, and something will happen, at least on the site, at 9:00 tomorrow night. It might just be that the site’s programmers forgot to turn off the countdown to the trailer’s scheduled release, though. Speaking of which:


I… I kinda feel sorry for this enormously rich and successful Hollywood director. The trailer leak made them release the official trailer early, I guess. Oh well, at least it had the same impact it would have if it had dropped on Thanksgiving; two days’ difference wouldn’t have made the trailer better or worse. Plus, vultures like me didn’t have to take time out of our Thanksgivings to pick the trailer apart bit by bit!

About the CGI in the movie: I totally understand everybody’s concerns. Some of the dinosaurs were pretty fake-looking, even in the finished trailer. Even the D. rex, the creature that’s supposed to be the center of the movie, looked like it came from a SyFy dinosaur movie where the director put a little more money in the movie’s budget and a little less in his cocaine fund. However, the shots we’ve seen didn’t lend themselves well to animatronics. We haven’t seen too many of the robots from production due to their high security, so we don’t know which animals have animatronic assistance and which don’t. But in the trailer, we saw gallimimuses running in a valley, a sauropod and a ground shot of a running D. rex. The first two would have required a lot of money for animatronics that would likely only be used in one or two shots each, and the third would be extremely hard to do with a large, cumbersome robot. There are undoubtedly D. rex attack scenes, scenes with the T. rex (#give T. rex feathers 2k14) and raptor scenes, and those will be the more frequent and important ones; therefore, they’ll probably be the ones that animatronics are used on.

The raptor scene at the end, for instance– tell me those didn’t even look slightly real. We know for sure that raptor animatronics were used in the movie, so our raptors will look good, at the very least. And, hey, I mentioned last post that the horribly-done brachiosaur in the beginning of the first movie didn’t detract from the incredible T. rex or raptor scenes; it’s very likely the same deal here. In other words, there are probably good scenes with realistic dinosaurs, supplemented by animatronics; we just haven’t seen them yet.

That’s all I’ve got right now in the Jurassic department. I don’t post about my life much on here, but heck, why not update. I’ve got an adorable new foster pug named Tinkerbell. I’m going to an anime convention on Saturday (as Satsuki Kiryuin– of any of you know who that is, please be my friend) with a couple of other people. I just finished watching Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt. I slammed a door into my head this afternoon, but don’t worry, there wasn’t any brain damageamageamage. I just finished my NaNoWriMo book. And I am honestly out of ideas.

That’s it. Happy Thanksgiving! If I can be cheesy, I’m thankful for everyone who reads and/ or follows this blog, and everyone in the Jurassic Park fan community. I’m thankful for a lot of other things too, but we’re running a serious blog here.

Thanks to JPLegacy’s Facebook page for the photos.


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