A Couple of Things I Hadn’t Noticed

Hi everyone! I’ve got a short post for you today– I just got back from an exhausting but very, very fun convention.

I found two interesting pieces of information on JPLegacy’s Facebook page just now. First is this, which was accompanied by the caption, “Right Now Im crying #dilophosaurus”:


I don’t see a dilo in there, but then again, I don’t have the sharpest eyes in the world. The other thing I found was this HD picture. Note the scars on its neck:


Apparently, those were from the first movie’s T. rex/raptor fight, and this is the rex from Jurassic Park. This raises quite a lot of questions. Did they just capture the rex from the wilds of the island? How did they control it? Why has it cooperated with a zoo environment for so long, if it was taken from the jungle? Why has it lived this long– the website says that the park’s dinosaurs mature very fast, and presumably the original dinosaurs did as well– and what condition is it in? Why didn’t they just clone a new rex? And do they really trust a wild rex with so many visitors?

I’m trying to make sense of this, but there isn’t a lot of sense to be found. JPL could have been wrong about this, but I don’t know where else the scars could have come from, and besides, JPL is usually very reliable. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if any more information about this comes from the website or anywhere else.

To lighten the mood, here are some website quotes that I absolutely love:

Triceratops love selfies. Stop buy the petting zoo for your photo opportunity.

The T. rex’s widely mocked tiny arms are actually incredibly powerful.

…[The Mosasaurus] will wow you with its massive maw as it gives Jaws his just desserts.

[About the Creation Lab] Life finds a way with Mr. DNA as your guide.

Take off your straw hat! Our baby dinos might ‘tri’ eating it.

Feeling adventurous? Saddle up and ride a tiny triceratops! A good rub under their frill and they’ll take you anywhere.

Good night, everybody. I’m gonna crash on the couch.

Triceratops love selfies.


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