This Person Is Smarter Than Me

Someone on the Internet has made a point about Jurassic World’s dinosaur better than I ever could. Take it away, faceplantcircus:

Y’know, i just had a thought

Considering that Jurassic World has fucked up countless times when it comes to accuracy. I got to thinking something, what if this is intentional? What if the reason that the dinosaurs are so out of sync with modern palaeontology is because, in-universe, they were designed specifically to look like that?

Hear me out.

In the book Jurassic Park, Henry Wu states that he was planning on creating updated versions of Jurassic Parks dinosaurs that were slower and easier to control. In order to address security concerns and because at the time that’s what the public expected them to look and act like. What if Jurassic World actually intends to run with that concept. Because Jurassic Park’s dinosaurs were intentionally made to look and act like dinosaurs as we understood them in the 90’s. 

My guess is at some point, when InGen began cloning dinosaurs, and discovered that they were feathered, warm-blooded and absolutely nothing like what the public would expect. The Board of Directors, upset with the fact they didn’t look like “real dinosaurs” and believing the public would think they were just genetically altered freaks and nothing like the real thing. Canned the originals, and forced Hammond to create versions that were more in-line with what people would expect. They kept this information a secret, as it would discredit the park and hurt the profits. 

The feathered raptors from JPIII could be a failed version of the scaled raptors created for the Park. While the process was largely successful, they still had sparse coverings of feathers, and were scrapped in favour of the “Perfected” versions, and set free on Sorna after the storm.

After the events of the first three films, the fact that dinosaurs had feathers is well known to the public, but when the Patel Corporation buys InGen, they notice that feathered dinosaurs aren’t as popular with the public as scaled ones. And opt to keep the altered versions created by InGen, they start misinforming the public about the truth for their own profit and gain.

I’m still 99.999999999% sure that the fact they aren’t accurate in the movie is because they just don’t give a **** about accuracy. And my theory doesn’t really explain why they would make the Diabolus if they’re afraid of making genetically altered animals that the public wouldn’t accept. I’m just trying to think of a way this bullshit could actually make for some alright storytelling.

I completely agree. Find the author here:


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