Fanfics You Should Be Reading #3

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading! I know I haven’t done this in a while, and that’s because my life and Jurassic World interfered (they’re pretty much the same thing).

#1. John Hammond: Revenge of Darkness by Carliro

Summarization: I… I don’t quite know how to summarize this. There’s dinosaurs and there’s… well… ghosts and….

I’ll just post an excerpt and let you figure it out:

But he too got dead because in the end he was only human. But he was so evil and mad that his spirit got out of Tuonela and possessed his body again, so his coffin exploded the grave like a rocket and launched into space, and he flew all over the world until he landed on Isla Nublar. There he landed on that even uglier Ian Malcom, who was buying pretzels on the kiosk, smashing his carcasse. Bone shards flew everywhere, stabbing tourists and corrupting them with Malcom’s demon flesh, turning them into orcs.

Why You Should Be Reading It: It’s hilarious. Seriously, it’s probably the funniest crack fic you’ll read in a while. It’s a deliberately bad parody, and then it makes a horrible parody of that parody, and the end result is just so much fun. And it’s long, but succinct enough to be funny without the joke dragging out. It’s a lot like Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles, and was probably inspired by that very story. I’m probably making it less funny by overanalyzing it, so I’ll just go *thumbs up*.

#2. The Basin by LWCT

Summarization: LWCT obviously worked so hard on this that I’d feel bad if I didn’t promote it. This is a long, feature-length screenplay that’s a sequel to the first movie, and apparently it was a few years in the making– it even has a poster. (Author’s note: The dinosaur on the poster is the exact same dinosaur that I have a poster of hanging next to my desk. I realize this is an irrelevant detail.) The story is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a Jurassic Park sequel featuring the original three main characters. It takes place in the Amazon rain forest, and the Main 3 have to stop dinosaurs from getting to the mainland. But are they really InGen dinosaurs, or are their origins more sinister?

Why You Should Be Reading It: I believe this was written before The Lost World was even starting to happen. A lot of time and effort has gone into this, and it obviously shows. The characters we know and love are written very well, and the story draws you in from the start. I want it to be made into a fan film, and it would work as a sequel to the first movie just as well as The Lost World did.

#3. It’s Chaos by duckythefangirl

Summarization: This is a mostly character-based (not many dinosaurs here) story that’s basically a retelling of the first movie, except with Ian Malcolm genderbent into Irene Malcolm and with a few plot changes.

Why You Should Be Reading It: If you liked the characters in the movie more than the dinosaurs, or if you just want to see more of Ian (sorry, Irene) Alan and Ellie and how they interact, you should give this a read. It focuses mostly on the growing friendship between the three of them and on the way they feel about their experiences– instead of focusing on the T. rex in the rex attack scene, the story shows us what’s running through Alan and Irene’s heads. And, as anyone who’s seen my past fan art can confirm, I have wanted to see genderbent Malcolm for quite a while.

That’s it for today, guys. If any of today’s three authors (or any other authors I’ve featured) happen to be reading this, I admire your work and I would love to interview you! See my last post or leave a comment to find out more.


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