I Want You!

Since this is a Jurassic Park fanfiction blog, I’d like to get in touch with/ give some publicity to other JP fanfic authors. So I want to interview someone! I would love to do a series where I interview all different authors on this blog, but to do that, I need to have at least one person to interview first. And that person could be you!

If you’ve written at least one Jurassic Park fanfiction and you’d like me to interview you (it’d be done by email or private message), please leave a comment here, on one of my future posts or on one of my ff.net or AO3 stories. You’d get your name out there and it would guarantee you a publicity boost– the stories I post in Fanfics You Should Be Reading have gotten bumps in popularity when I’ve featured them. So contact me if you want to. I’d love to meet you!


10 thoughts on “I Want You!

  1. Hi, Kristine! I’d love to have you! Just comment your email address (I won’t approve the comment, so only I’ll see it) and I’ll send you the questions as soon as possible. Thanks for doing this! It’ll be so much fun!


  2. Hello, I am ‘Sickle Claw’, the author of ‘Jurassic Park: Chaos Theory’, which is my novel-canon sequel to Crichton’s novels. I also have a second one which has been put on hiatus due to how busy I am called ‘Paradigm Shift’ as well. Im up for an interview as well.


    1. Hi, Sickle Claw! I would absolutely love to interview you! Just comment your email address (I won’t approve the comment, so it won’t be public) and I’ll get to you sometime this weekend. I love your pen name, by the way.


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