Here Are Some Pictures

First of all, I just want to say how cool it’s been to look at my Stats page this past week or so. I’ve got lots of people visiting this blog, even Jurassic Park fans from other countries! I don’t want to humblebrag, really, but I’m so happy that people are starting to hear about and like my blog. If you’re reading this now, I love you! Really! I even brought you flowers! You like yellow carnations, right?

I’ve found some cool stuff recently (all from the Jurassic Park Legacy facebook page) that you should definitely look at with your eyeballs. First is (what I’m assuming is) some fan art from Leandro Calvo on Twitter (


Look at all the little babies! Look at them jumping on his head and playing with him and looking at him like “daddy?” and THAT ONE SNUGGLING UP TO HIM AAAAAAAAHHHHHH I CAN’T HANDLE THIS. Bless you, Leandro Calvo.

Next are some character sightings. Here we see Claire and Owen among visitors in the Visitors’ Center, in a photo from the official website:


Not a small amount of people online have speculated that Owen is the adult version of the “six-foot turkey” kid from the first movie, and I dearly hope that they’re right, because look at his face in this picture. Look at his hands. Every single thing about his body language in that picture just makes me think that he’s explaining to that one, poor visitor how his raptor squad would tear her intestines out. Look where his hand is. He’s about to pretend to slash at her stomach. I know it. That or he’s hitting on her. Plausible either way. Claire, in the meantime, strides through the building with purpose. You go, Claire. You’re a strong, independent dinosaur-maker who doesn’t need no male theropods.

And here are the two brothers, Gray and Zach (that kid with the Bieber cut that I mentioned):


The mighty mosasaur has decided to drench them with her wrath. Truly, they now know of her power. (In case you wondered, no. No, I will not ever shut up about this mosasaur thing. Hail Mosa.)

Finally, here’s an art exhibition that I happen to like a lot. It’s called the JP (Just People) show, and it focuses on the characters of Jurassic Park:

In case you missed Roy Lichtenstein.
In case you missed Coraline.
In case you missed… I’m drawing a blank here. Maybe Godzilla.

I’m gonna give you the link, and I recommend that you click it, but first I have to warn you about one picture. It’s not NSFW– I run a worksafe blog here– but there is a piece in the gallery that depicts John Hammond, Ian Malcolm and Alan Grant in Speedos, and no one should look at it, ever. It’s NSFW for your soul. That said, find some gorgeous art here:

That’s it for tonight, folks. Before we part, look at the snuggly raptor picture one more time:




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