More Pictures

In the absence of any particularly interesting Jurassic World news, here are some photos related to the subject. These two heads were spotted in a display at Sao Paulo Comic Con in Brazil:





Those are definitely Jurassic Park rex heads; I don’t think they were used in any of the movies and they’re probably not even Stan Winston’s, but they’re still cool. From what I’ve heard, they weren’t tied in with Jurassic World advertising and didn’t have any accompanying signage. They were just kind of… there. Mysterious.

Here’s a Jurassic World crew photo:


They’re really hyping that Spino skeleton up, huh? It must’ve been an expensive and time-consuming prop to build. Look in the back and you can see the park gates. They look a lot like the ones on the Orlando ride.

Sorry guys, I’m not really in a posting mood today. I’ll post better stuff soon.


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