Another Hammond Statue?

Since I kinda found this on Google Images, I don’t know exactly how long ago these photos came out. But here are pictures of another John Hammond statue that may appear in Jurassic World:



Judging by the background, I think the statue is located in either the Visitor Center or that jungle bungalow set we saw a few months ago on the Hawaii set. (Remember when the only Jurassic World news we had came from pictures of Hawaii sets that people took with their cell phones?) Either way, I love it. It’s sweet, it’s not overly sentimental and I’m sure you know my feelings on the baby raptor. And that kid with him– there’s your Tim mention, folks. I wonder if this means Tim was involved in the creation of the park after all, like some people have speculated? Did Tim have this sculpture made to show how much he shares his grandpa’s dream, or at least support the park enough to allow his sculpture to be in it? I don’t know about those for sure– I feel like if Joseph Mazello was in this, we’d know by now– but I do think this would be an ideal setting to introduce Lex, if she’s actually in this movie. I can see her looking at this statue and getting all sad and nostalgic.

That’s all I’ve got for now. By the way, I realize I upset some people with my post yesterday, and I’m truly sorry about that. I didn’t mean to be so vitriolic, and I realize I need to focus on the positive here. I’ve got a beautiful new movie to blog about, and I plan to focus on that.

Stay tuned; I’ve got some awesome fan art to share later today!


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