Apparently These Jurassic World Stills Are New

Two new Jurassic World stills were released today, featuring Owen and Claire. Everybody in the fandom is saying they’re new, but I’m pretty sure they’re straight out of the trailer; Scified says they’re new angles on trailer shots. Here they are:



As you can see, we’ve seen the general pictures before, there’s no dinosaurs and the flare is still freakin’ pink, so there’s nothing special about them. But new Jurassic World content is always appreciated.

Speaking of which, a picture of the D. rex seems to have been leaked this week. I’m gonna stand with JPLegacy this time around and not post it (although it’s really only a Google Image search away). My opinion is that it’s unfortunately shrink-wrapped but still awesome.

Thanks to Scified for the pictures.


6 thoughts on “Apparently These Jurassic World Stills Are New

  1. I may be backtracking a lot, but there’s something I feel I should mention. One of your earlier blog posts mentioned Claire being vain (I’ve been looking for the exact one, but I’ll post here instead), and this was at the time when we knew next to nothing about characterization for Owen and Claire. I want to thank you for giving me that, because otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken the risk of writing for Claire back in TSJPFEW 3. Your comment on her vanity made me wonder what would happen if I made her the least attractive dinosaur known to mankind. So, yes. The Stegoclaireatops is technically your fault.


    1. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you to remember that! And I love Stegoclaireatops very much. She’s the most organized dinosaur ever. Also I saw the Twitters you made, they’re hilarious.


      1. I would also like to point out that someone requested Stegoceratops smut. That is also your fault somehow, I’m sure.


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