Fanfics You Should Be Reading #4

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should be Reading! I’ve got some really good ones for you today.

#1. God Is Dead, And Man Has Killed Him by Hawki (

Summarization: Claire and Owen meet in a cafe in Jurassic World and discuss the D. rex and what it implies. It’s better than I make it sound.

Why you should be reading it: Story time! I like this story a lot because I have a very personal connection to it. See, one of the first things we hear about in the story is Claire and Owen eating burgers and talking about how awful they are. Well, a couple of years ago for my birthday, I was fantastically lucky and got to go (back; I lived near Orlando until I was 12) to Islands of Adventure in Florida, and while I was there, I got to visit the Jurassic Park section. Let me tell you, that place is like Mecca for any Jurassic Park fan. I got to name a baby raptor, go on the rides, and I just generally had a blast. Well, at the end of the day, my group and I were starving and we were in Jurassic Park [gah, I love saying that, I’ve been to Jurassic Park you guys] and the nearest eatery was the fast-food cafe in the Discovery Center. I ordered a veggie-burger because I’m a hippie. What I proceeded to put in my mouth was the most disgusting veggie-burger I’ve ever eaten to date. I really related to Lex that day; the poor girl must have loved that Jello because it was the only decent vegetarian food on the island. Anyway, I feel this story on a deep level because I can relate to Jurassic Park burgers sucking, and no, I did not recommend this fanfic just to tell that story.

Don’t you just love Jurassic World fanfics? They’re sort of a way to get to know the characters so we already know and care about them when we first see the movie. Anyway, this isn’t the first Jurassic World fic (*heavy coughing while pointing my thumbs at myself*) but it’s really, really good and it’s worth a read. It’s sort of a preview of what we all want Claire, Owen and their chemistry to be like. I really hope a conversation like this takes place in the movie, and I hope these two characters act and interact like they do here. I also love the Malcolm shoutout and the references to previous movies. This story has everything we want from the movie.

#2. JurassiQuest by animaladventures 1314 (

Summarization: This story doesn’t go with any particular Jurassic Park canon; it takes the characters and uses them in a canon of its own. This one’s sort of like Prehistoric Park with Jurassic Park (read: better) characters.

Why you should be reading it: Do I really need to say anything after “Prehistoric Park with Jurassic Park characters”? I do? Okay. This is cooler than any Jurassic Park AU I’ve read to date; it’s just sort of a blend of every canon, and I love it. I like canon-blend stories because authors always seem to find a way of putting the best parts of both universes together. Take a look at this one; it’s one of the best Jurassic Park AUs I know of. Plus, and I quote, “Even though my story is rated T, you won’t find any profanity, sexual content or other uses of foul language in my story.” Read it to the kiddies!

#3. A Metallic Flavor by Moon Kent (

Summarization: The infamous kitchen scene from the first film, told by the raptor who got locked in the freezer at the end of the scene. There are two kinds of from-raptor’s-perspective stories; this is the good kind.

Why you should be reading it: It’s just beautiful. The prose is amazing. If you liked Fragile Little Bones from one of my other FYSBR (I think it was #2?) then you’ll love this. The storytelling sends chills down your spine, the characters are awesome and this is the best retelling of this scene that I’ve ever read. Go read it immediately. It’s good for the soul.


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