Jurassic World

The Minimum Effort

Well, here it is, our opinion piece on the ‘Jurassic World’ trailer. It’s a little late, but we thought we should release it anyway. If you have any opinions on our opinions, or on the trailer itself, please leave a comment.


Lewis: I’m not really sure where I stand on this one.

Ben: I think it starts off really well

Lewis: Yeah, I’ll agree with you there, it looks brilliant until they reach the genetically altered dinosaur bit.


Ben: That’s what I was thinking… The fact they have the park open now is brilliant, but I’m not sure about the genetically-altered bit. I think they’re trying to follow the initial idea from the first film with the whole ‘man playing God’ idea. Also, in order for them to show the development of the park, they had to let it open, and in order for it to be open it had…

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