Petiton and All Yesterdays

Are you particularly concerned with seeing feathered dinosaurs in Jurassic World or any other future Jurassic Park movies? If you are, you may want to sign this petition:

Personally, I’m kinda ambivalent about feathered dinosaurs in these movies. I’m siding with the idea that, since people wanted to see the popular perception of dinosaurs– IE scaly, reptilian monsters– when they went to see dinosaurs, that’s what the park’s geneticists made; they needed to make money more than they needed to create accurate animals. And, I’ll admit it, the nostalgia factor– the classic image of what at “Jurassic Park dinosaur” looks like– has to do with it, too. If I’m watching a Jurassic Park movie, I want to see a bunch of “Jurassic Park” raptors in it, simply because of the past three movies and what I’ve come to associate with those particular raptor designs. Of course, I’m a feather stickler everywhere but this fandom and I won’t accept serious paleo-art of avian dinosaurs without feathers. Either way, I signed the petition; now it only needs 42 signatures, so if that’s your dig, you might want to sign too.

If you’re into paleo-art or just avian dinosaur studies in general, you might have heard of a book called All Yesterdays. If you haven’t, it’s basically an art collection that showcases depictions of dinosaurs that are typically considered “unconventional”, like feathery tyrannosaurs and all kinds of weird combs and stuff on sauropods. Here are some All Yesterdays-type restorations that I particularly like, and that you might too.

The best Sauroposeidon restoration ever:

*sound of wattles flapping in the wind like so many glorious sails*

T. rex nappy-time:


Parasaurolophus that probably deals with enough mocking without my joining in:


Edmontosaurus cosplaying as Chewbacca:


Dilophosaurus with a head like one of those ancient Roman helmets:


There’s more where that came from. More art here:

Finally, happy Hanukkah to everyone! I don’t know if any of my readers are Jewish, but if you are, enjoy basically having eight straight nights of Christmas, you lucky duck. (I know Haunakkah isn’t the same as Christmas, but it still seems fun.)


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