Pictures Again

That’s right, I’ve got more pictures and fan art! This one’s official, tweeted by Colin Trevorrow:


Another picture of Owen and a member of his Raptor Squad Motorcycle Gang! That is one ticked-looking raptor right there; maybe he’s about to sic her on someone. This picture, other than the fact that the Raptor Squad don’t have feathers, doesn’t confirm anything except how totally awesome this movie is gonna be. Speaking of the Dinosons of Anarchy, I want this T-shirt:


A thing of beauty, I tell you. All right, now I have some fan art! First is a bit of inspiration:


And an inspirational Christmas story:


It’s a beautiful, timeless tale. Rexy may have been a bloodthirsty, rampaging dinosaur, but his red nose made him special and set him apart from the rest.

Here’s a particularly cool fanmade toy:


Not gonna lie, I really want that to be made into an official Jurassic World toy kit; the egg could be one of those growing toys where the dinosaur hatches from the egg and grows when you put it in water.

For fans of the novels, here’s Arby and Kelly from the Lost World book:


They both deserved to be in that movie, by the way; they’re better than Lex and Tim by a long shot and they’re total cutie pies.

Finally, here’s a really good Ellie cosplay. I wish I knew who it’s by, but unfortunately I don’t:



Now that I think about it, that girl kinda looks almost exactly like me. So does this one (Tumblr user ggiygas), who, by the way, I adore:



If you know me IRL, I’m sure you see the resemblance. It’s both eerie and beautiful. Perhaps we’re twins, or clones.

That’s it for tonight. Only six days until Christmas! Who’s excited?


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