Leaked Lego Set!


Ladies and gentlemen, a leaked photo of a Jurassic World Lego set:


LOOK HOW COOL THAT IS! The T. rex and raptors are attacking together! You can see Henry Wu (on top of that tower, which looks like– holy cow is that a raptor pen? It looks like the one from the first movie! Are they fighting in the old park’s ruins?), Owen (on the car) and Hamada (guy in the blue hat) They have, like, glowing weapons or something! Henry’s got a fly in amber! There’s a pterodactyl swooping in from the sky! All right, I love this set!

I think that building is the lab complex– that tower also kinda looks like the place where Owen said his “probably not a good idea” line in the trailer. I think I see a guy with a crane in the background, as well as a dude in a helicopter: yeah, that will help you, sure. And that rex looks freakin’ mad. You go, T. rex! The raptors have two very different colorations, leading me to think that the trained raptors are either attacking the wild ones or attacking with the wild ones. Or perhaps I’ve been overthinking this coloration thing all along. Time will tell. This set, by the way, will be available in June, and even though it’ll probably cost me an arm, a leg and an internal organ or two, I’m buying it anyway.

Okay, now I’m done posting for real. Have a merry Christmas!

Thanks to Leg Godt for the pic.

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