New Toys, Website Additions, Snacks, Raptorpasses and New Jobs

Just my luck, exhibit A: The one week I was away and had no Internet connection, a bunch of new Jurassic World stuff happened. As you can see by the title, there’s a lot to look at. Before we go on, though, look at the picture above the title. Just look at it for a little while.

Right then. First, several Jurassic World toys were leaked this week! No, they’re not of people or dinosaurs. They’re cars, guys. Cars.




Probably the packaging; no, they won’t be selling actual living rexes , sorry.

I’m not too into the Jurassic Park motor thing, but I know a lot of people in this fandom are, so there you go. Regardless, I’m gonna buy that Jeep Wrangler; I got a Papo velociraptor the other day who’s in serious need of a ride. More on the toys, including prices and descriptions, here:

Next, we have a picture of the first Jurassic World products on the market. Drum roll, please…



I really love that group shot of the Raptor Squad. Somebody Photoshop a gang symbol and leather jackets on them right now. Anyway, I can’t wait for these to get to my area. I wonder what a goat-flavored fruit snack tastes like.

Next, the Masrani site has updated and now offers veterinarian jobs at Jurassic World:



Speaking of the viral sites, if you signed up for a ‘Raptorpass’ from the Jurassic World site, you should have gotten an email this week. If you didn’t, here’s what they looked like:


And the Jurassic World site also updated to include four new dinosaur bios! There’s Ankylosaurus:

She was always my favorite as a kid, and now she’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Gallimimus, which “like to hang out in flocks” and look downright cocky in their photos:


Stegosaurus (the site specifically mentions that it’s dangerous):

“Nobody takes me seriously, man.”



I’m 100% convinced that someone who works on this website reads my blog, because here’s her bio:

Mosasaurus once ruled the Cretaceous seas. An immense seagoing lizard– and not an actual dinosaur– Mosasaurus can use its fearsome array of teeth to catch fish, birds and other marine reptiles– even great white sharks. In fact, Mosasaurus has a second set of teeth in its upper palate that ensures any prey sliding down its throat will not be able to escape.

Isn’t that just perfect? There’s another picture of her that I had to go to some trouble to screencap but is totally worth it. Note the high aggression index and the spikes on her tail that look wrong but feel so right:


There’s also a cool size comparison chart:


That’s all the official news for this week, but hang on, we’re not done yet. Someone wrote an article on the fashion of Jurassic Park, which you can find here: . As a cosplayer, I can definitely say, “Pfft, I knew that,” but it’s still pretty funny. (Also, Malcolm wore all black for a reason explained in the book so the Malcolm/Hammond wardrobe thing is only partially symbolic; I say that whenever someone points out that detail.)

Let me tell you, I’ll never get sick of Owen and raptor fan art:


Or treasures like this:

‘Parental Advisory’

Or this:



No words needed:



An article about a probable reason why there won’t be feathers in Jurassic World:

An interview with Laura Dern, in which she talks about Jurassic Park:

And finally, a possible new dinosaur species called Dracorex hogwartsia (dragon-king of Hogwarts). Keep in mind that it’s very possible that this is a juvenile Pachycephalosaurus:

Or, as you’ll soon see it referred to on your Facebook feed, “DINOSAUR SMAUG!”

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Happy 2015, everyone– it’s the year of Jurassic World!


4 thoughts on “New Toys, Website Additions, Snacks, Raptorpasses and New Jobs

  1. Man, Laura Dern is still as hawt as ever! Jea-lous! And I’m deeply amused by those fruit snacks! Congrats on the Paris trip, by the way! Lucky you!


      1. I see you went to the Paris Opera. I hope you picked up a pamphlet. I have them in all six available languages. XD
        I also watched TFIOS, for TSJPFEW purposes. Gotta say, I didn’t like the movie, but as for Dern . . . DAYUM, she’s fine.

        Liked by 1 person

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