Fans Get Stuff Done

Man, our fandom just rocks, doesn’t it? We sit around making Tumblr posts and fluffy fanfics (not that I… er… would know anything about that) but we also do awesome stuff like discover new dinosaur species. Ever heard of Clarence Lagerstam? He’s a Swedish high school kid, and recently he’s discovered remains of the country’s first carnivorous dinosaur. He says he’s a huge Jurassic Park fan and that his fandom has largely influenced his desire to learn about dinosaurs. Someone made a huge paleontological discovery because of this fandom, and I think that’s really awesome. And he’s in high school! Rock on, Clarence! More about it here:

And others in the fandom do amazing things like design really intricate video games, like this guy did with his indie game, Jurassic Park: Aftermath, based on the first movie:




This was not only done by just one person, but it’s incredibly film-accurate– down to the background music and plant species– and looks like it has an interesting story line. There’s a video, which you really ought to watch, and more info here: I know I’m being sappy today, but sometimes it’s great to see all the awesome work that all these people are doing because of Jurassic Park.

It seems the Jurassic World fruit snacks, which seem to have really caught on, are already in stores. I’ve speculated in the past about what flavors they might be, and well, I wasn’t too far off in the weird department:


Wow. Roar-flavored fruit snacks… I’m intrigued. (Of course I’m kidding, but I genuinely would like to know what a fossil-flavored snack tastes like. My guess is dusty.)

Finally, spot the reference. Wait for it:


This won’t end well.


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