Fanmade Graphic Novel

I have wanted this to happen for years. A fan or group of fans is making a full-length graphic novel adaptation of the first Jurassic Park novel, and it’s just incredible. Look at this freaking thing:







As you can see, much better quality than the official comic books– at least the first ones– and a lot darker, which fits the dark themes of the book quite nicely. (Dark themes that’ll show up pretty soon after this part of the story– if you haven’t read the book, a baby gets eaten at one point.) Anyway, this is gorgeous and I really commend whoever’s doing this. I can’t wait to see the rest of the story. Follow the story as the author updates it here:

I wish I had more Jurassic World news to report on, but you’ve gotta admit this isn’t a bad diversion. Also, I found another one:



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