Fanfics You Should Be Reading #5

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should Be Reading! A bunch of new stories showed up on AO3 over the holidays. Lucky us!

#1. Survival of Robert Muldoon series by Moviemuncher

Summarization: A set of related one-shots in which Muldoon survives Clever Girl’s attack. One part action story, two parts character study. If for no other reason than “Help, I can’t stop self-promoting”, if you liked The Center Cannot Hold then you’ll probably like this as well.

Why you should be reading it: Unlike a few other AUs of this type, this gives a description of how Muldoon survived the attack and what the consequences of an encounter like that would be; he doesn’t just get up and shrug it off, like some other similar stories have him doing. It’s much more believable. I don’t quite know what else to say about these stories. It’s tough to put why they’re enjoyable into words; I guess they focus on the simple things like tension-filled dialogue that are often overlooked in dinosaur-laden fanfics.

#2. The Show Really Starts Once the Curtain Falls by spock

Summarization: Set in the Star Trek universe, Ian’s a smuggler, Tim’s a Jedi in training and Owen is a Jedi master. (I don’t know why the holidays always bring in a tidal wave of stories about Ian and the kids on the Archive, but I’m not complaining. Keep ‘em coming, guys!) Tim gets the news that he’s ready to begin his higher Jedi training.

Why you should be reading it: I wish I knew more about Star Wars; I’ve seen the movies but I’m not in the fandom, and I know laughably little about the universe. However, even as a non-fan, I really enjoyed this story. This is exactly how these characters would probably translate to that universe, and the story gives you just enough time to enjoy the fact that they’re in that universe and playing different roles before the concept gets old. It’s also cleverly written and funny; you can be a lousy geek like me and still enjoy it. (Also, I think it’s awesome that Owen is just kind of a staple now. He’s just another Jurassic Park character, and you can use him in your fics because we’re starting to know what he’s like as a character. I really like how that’s happened.) Oh, and I should warn you since this is an SFW blog: this has some language in it.

#3. Stepping Forward by fio

Summarization: Tim and Lex, years after the Isla Nublar incident, take different paths in their lives. Lex struggles with depression while Tim is happy in his job at the Museum of Natural History.

Why you should be reading it: It’s bittersweet, realistic and generally enjoyable. I can definitely see these characters living their lives after the incident the way they do in this story. It conveys a lot of the same things that I try to in my stories—what happened on Isla Nublar was different for everyone involved, and it’ll take time for the survivors to cope in their own ways. This is beautifully written and just a lovely story in general.


You Don’t Need Training to Throw a Punch by random_chick

Summarization: Short story where Ian and Kelly help their daughter/sister get rid of an abusive boyfriend. Ian throws down the Papa Wolf and awww.

Why you should be reading it: Who doesn’t like a feel-good family story? Also, awwww.


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