Jurassic World’s Official Car

As annoying as it may be, the fact is that the Jurassic Park movies are not devoid of product placement. Luckily, most of them have been subtle and fit into the storyline. Stuff like Starbucks, Samsung, Hilton hotels, Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville (Jurassic World has them all), Chips Ahoy, Doritos, Barney (JP3) , UNIX (come on, you know where that’s from) and Hershey’s Krackel (there’s one in Sarah’s tent in Lost World) have been plugged in the movies. But the most prominent product placements in the trilogy have to do with cars. In the first movie, it was Ford that had a product-placement deal in the form of the park’s Jeeps. In the second, it switched to Mercedes-Benz, with quite a few of their newer vehicles being used in the movie. Now, Jurassic World has another Mercedes-Benz tie in. This time, the movie is promoting the company’s new GLE Coup. Take a look at it:



We don’t know who will use it for what, as we haven’t been told much about it except “Look, dinosaurs! Now buy this thing.” Maybe Owen drives it, maybe Claire does, maybe it’s the freakin’ Mobile Veterinary Unit, who knows. Just as long as it isn’t made into a big deal– IE nobody stops to admire the car, it’s just kind of there– I really don’t think it’ll affect anything. And the product-placement cars in the other movies actually fit into the plot, so I’m sure this will be handled similarly. Also, I’ll be getting a car of my own soon, and it would be cool to drive one from a Jurassic Park movie. Guys, I actually want one of these now. The fact that this car is associated with Jurassic Park has made me want to buy it. That’s… really worrying.

Oh, and because these marketing people know what the fandom wants, we get another new movie still:


Basically a more HD, zoomed-out shot of a still that we’ve seen before (albeit with a car now lurking in the background); it’s not too exciting, but I’m always glad to get my hands on more of that sweet, sweet cosplay reference material. Also, what’s with the picnic table? Is that red thing another motorcycle? I think this is the outside of Owen’s house. Dude must live like a permanent camper.

Source is here: http://jurassiraptor.tumblr.com/post/107567152197/mercedes-benz-teams-up-with-jurassic-world-to

Raptor wishes this post had been sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Das Beste oder nichts.


4 thoughts on “Jurassic World’s Official Car

  1. Vehicle product placement can be pretty subtle, especially if all they do in the movie is drive it. But if the camera pans to look at the company logo for a good five seconds, and then someone says ‘awesome ‘insert name of product here’, then the owner talks on length how useful it is and how everything else like it is inferior and that literally stops the movie for five minutes then it’s tiresome.

    Weird, as a kid it annoyed me when TV and movies would use ‘suspiciously similar substitutes’ instead of actual logos, but now whenever I see a real product I’m like ‘ughh, product placement.” Guess I can’t be satisfied.


    1. I completely agree. Nobody stopped and extolled the merits of a Jeep in the first movie, which made the fact that they were blatantly being plugged excusable. (And I bet Ford doesn’t mind that JP jeeps have become iconic due to the first movie.)


  2. I always found that product placement for large, expensive things like vehicles is really strange. I mean, it’s not like I can just impulse-buy a car. Whereas restaurant chains or soft drinks are accessible, cars just seem like a waste of advertising money.
    Besides, product placement is pretty overused nowadays. It’s shameful really.
    You know what else is shameful? The radically low price of Aero Bars. Just think of that sweet, bubbly taste. It can be yours for only $2.
    Hey, it pays the rent.


    1. True, you can’t impulse-buy a car, but you can keep it in mind and let it influence your future decisions. You know, like I could walk into a car dealership three years from now, see a GLE Coup and think, “Hey, that was in Jurassic World! I want a dinosaur car!” I’m thinking it’s sort of there to plant a seed in people’s minds that will grow into an expensive decision later on.
      For example, The Book Thief and Independence Day obnoxiously plugged Macbooks, and nobody probably went out and bought a Macbook the day after they saw the movies. But they could’ve walked into a computer store the next time they wanted a laptop and bought a Macbook because Jeff Goldblum saved the world with one.


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