I-Rex? And HAHAHA, Look At This Awful Spinoff

Of course they do this now. Jurassic World fanfiction has been written, fanart has been made and people have devoted their time to these things, and now the producers go and rename the D. rex. Great.

Rumors circulated a little bit after the Great JoBlo Leak of ’14; people said that, in response to the leaked plot details, Jurassic World‘s creative team was changing the new hybrid dinosaur’s name from Diabolus rex to Indominus rex. At the time, I didn’t buy it; what good is a name change going to do? It won’t be much of a ‘big surprise’, which the filmmakers wanted to deliver before the big leak and are apparently still trying to give. It’s just renaming something. Apparently, though, I was wrong, at least according to this leaked Jurassic World toy listing:

“MEGA STRIKE T. REX!”– the last thing you hear before you die.

That was posted on Instagram recently by Jurassic World 2015. Here’s the accompanying caption:

Jurassic World Updated Toy List! We were right about one thing the Diabolus Rex is actually called the Indominus Rex or Irex! Along with the Indominus Rex there are a variety of other toys as well like the Mashers Hybrid Dinos and along with Trex and Velociraptor Toys. Hasbro has confirmed Indominus Rex, Trex, Velociraptor, Mosasaur, Ankylosaurus, Triceratops and more! If you have any more questions ask my great friend @90skid4ever down below as he found this and sent this to me. I think I’m the first to post this on Instagram which is awesome!”

The ‘Mashers Hybrid Dinos’ thing slightly worries me (we already had a hybrid-dinosaur-based mistake of a toy line. It was called Chaos Effect, and if you haven’t seen it, all I can say is– after that travesty, the D. rex looks soundly scientific and downright grounded) but we’re here to talk about the renamed rex. ‘Indominus’, apparently, means ‘Untamable king” or ‘Fierce king’, which does sound a lot like a name that one would give to a deliberately big, dangerous dinosaur. It also smacks less of “oooh, scary name, fear this animal”, and it’s not nearly as 2evil4u as literally giving the dinosaur a name that means ‘devil’. So it might even be a good thing.

In the face of reasoning and reality, however, I’m still annoyed as a fanfic writer. Let the time period between the Great Leak and today henceforth be known as a time when we all reasonably believed it was called a D. rex, because I’m not going back and changing the name in my stories, at least not in the fanfiction.net versions. Have you ever tried going back and editing your stories on FF.net? It’s like calling your insurance company. (Also, for the time being, I’m keeping my D. rex tag and adding an I. rex tag to go with it. I’m not goin’ down without a fight.)

Moving on to something that makes me less grouchy, a trailer for a Jurassic World spinoff came out yesterday and it’s hilarious. Watch it here: http://io9.com/the-b-movie-knock-off-of-jurassic-world-is-of-course-ju-1678480901

It’s your standard straight-to-Redbox dinosaur B movie, except it’s a little more blatant with its Jurassic Park references (they all have them). The plot centers around a group of dinosaurs that were made in a lab by a group of scientists who might not have thought their plan all the way through (hmmm), who break out and begin terrorizing a city (HMMM); these dinosaurs appear to be primarily oversized dromaeosaurids with feather mohawks (HMMM). They jump around in a backyard pool at one point, and the movie’s tagline is “This ain’t no walk in the PARK” (HMMM). In other words, I will absolutely watch it and definitely mock it, possibly on here.

Somewhat related: did anyone see the similarly direct-to-Redbox dinosaur movie called Age of Dinosaurs? If you haven’t, it’s about a dad trying to protect his daughter after a bunch of genetically-modified dinosaurs, created by a rich and optimistic billionaire head of a genetics company (with two grandkids), break out and attack a major city. At one point, the daughter is attacked and carried away by pteranodons, though she turns out fine in the end. (I don’t have any “hmmm”s left in me.) Anyway, this new movie reminds me a lot of that one. If it’s as gut-bustingly bad as Age of Dinosaurs, I can’t wait to see it.

Picture and caption found here: http://www.blastr.com/2015-1-8/did-jurassic-worlds-big-bad-hybrid-dino-just-get-ferocious-new-name

And here: http://www.movieweb.com/jurassic-world-d-rex-hybrid-dinosaur


One thought on “I-Rex? And HAHAHA, Look At This Awful Spinoff

  1. I think the ads on your blog are funny. You should see them. Dr. Oz, identity theft and “72 year old mom reveals wrinkle secret” is what I see.


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