New Footage!


We have new footage from the movie, everyone! It’s super dramatic and it’s… well… it’s mostly two car commercials BUT THEY’RE STILL COOL! They promote the GLE Coupe, Jurassic World‘s official car, and as you would expect, they’re mostly centered around the cars and we don’t have any new dinosaur shots. We do get looks at the characters, too. And we see Owen’s house, so there’s that.

First is a clip that’s from Mercedes-Benz’s Instagram. Watch it here:

First we see a couple of trailer shots. Yadda yadda, gates, Gallimimus, we’ve seen it. Then we see Claire pulling up to Owen’s house.


Here we have what appear to be CGI trees, as well as yet another example of how well Jurassic Park and InGen in general treat their employees. First they couldn’t be bothered to pay Nedry enough for doing all the code for the entire park, they had safety protocols for transferring raptors that were iffy at best, and now look at poor Owen’s lot in life. He’s the only guy around who’s brave enough to train the most dangerous animals on the island, he’s the commander of a raptor army and look at the housing he gets for it all:


Then we see Claire getting out of her Mercedes-Benz car.


Boy, they’re really playing up this Claire-visiting-Owen thing, aren’t they? We keep getting screenshot after screenshot of this one sequence. Is it crucial to the plot? Is it fraught with tension? Shall there be kissing? Or are they just messing with our heads? Probably the last one.

The arms on that blazer are there for a reason, which Claire seems not to realize at any point during the movie, judging by the trailer. From a tiny gesture at the end of this shot– I think we’ve pretty much seen what Claire will be like as a character, but this confirms it– we can see her priorities:


Please, Trevorrow, please don’t make her one of those stereotypical prissy-city-girl-disgusted-by-nature female characters. If she’s haughty, fine, if she’s scientifically-minded, not very emotional, in her element in an indoor lab (I’m thinking of a Susan Calvin- or Karen Ross- type character here), all well and good with me– I think that’s pretty much what she’ll be like. In fact, I would love if she were like that. We haven’t had a good (adult, ’cause you’ve gotta give Kelly some props) female character in this trilogy– who isn’t widely considered stupid and/or annoying– for two movies. I’ll welcome a smart scientist woman in this movie any day. I just don’t want a big point of comedy to be “ha ha, she’s never been out in the jungle, she’s disgusted that her clothes are dirty ha ha”. I can’t be the only one.

And then, the most dramatic car shot ever. Like, you can feel the excitement in the air. Someone is driving this car to their dreams.


You really have to see the video for the full, slightly funny effect.


That’s it for the first video. The second is less exciting. It’s from some kind of unveiling event that Mercedes-Benz held recently. They were showing their newest models, and the GLE Coupe was among them. They showed some trailer footage that we’ve seen before, and then some shots of their cars in Jurassic World. There were really only two good shots. One was of a line of cars driving through the jungle:


The other was of the same car… but in the rain.


I’m intrigued by the line of cars, which appear not to be any sort of visitors’ vehicles. My guess is that it’s a group of park employees out looking for the escaped D. rex. Or maybe they’re heading to the site of the destroyed gyrosphere that we saw in the trailer. Either way, it’s not too exciting. But we got to see ten seconds of Jurassic World today, and I’ll never complain about that.

Speaking of which, we now have less than five months until the film’s release. Less than five months. Who’s excited?!

Watch the second clip here:


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