I. Rex Analysis


This is, again, a tentative post. If I get a C&D from Universal or JPL, or if you guys think this shouldn’t be up, I’ll take it down. But for now, here’s Rexy:



Before I talk about the rex, look up at the little flying guys above her head. That’s Pterodactyl and Dimorphodon. I love the look of the Dimorphodon, but Ptero is all messed up. The poor little guy’s proportions are all wrong and his wings look broken. I’ve heard that he’ll look better in the movie, and he probably will, but for now, ugh. Oh well, at least he doesn’t have teeth this time, right?

And now the I. rex. Did I tell you she was cool or what?! The spines on her head are a nice touch, and let’s take a moment to appreciate dem feathers:


Okay, maybe they aren’t as great as I remembered them, but much like the raptors’ feather mohawks, an… an attempt was made.

The horns and spines look nice, as do the red eyes; maybe those come from the snake DNA, because I don’t recall ever seeing a cuttlefish or dinosaur with red eyes before. The fangs seem a little too thin and widely-spaced for my taste, but again., maybe that’s the snake DNA at work. (Speaking of which, I don’t see any snake fangs or forked tongue; this is a missed opportunity if I’ve ever seen one.) I adore the hand claws. Don’t they just look like they were made to slash at and tear off chunks of flesh? I don’t see a sickle claw on the foot. There’s some kind of fourth claw going on, but with the shadows over it, I can’t tell if it’s a sickle or just the the little fourth toe that T. rex and others all seem to have. And I think I was right about white being the animal’s ‘baseline’ color for when it’s not camouflaging which, from a practical standpoint, makes a lot of sense. If you’re going to do most of your hunting and stalking in a dark paddock or the jungle, you’ll need to make your skin darker to camouflage most of the time, not lighter. I can see how sunburns might easily become a problem with that, though. Maybe someone (one of the geneticists or something) will talk about the animal’s design, and it’ll be similar to the albino-trout problem from the first novel.

In other words, I like this dinosaur. She continues in the Jurassic Park tradition of shrink-wrapping, of course (you can see every little contour of her skull bones. Someone please feed this poor animal) and doesn’t appear to have much muscle on her, but those are minor problems. (You’re supposed to be afraid of I. rex for her intelligence and stealth, after all, not because of her brute force.) So this seems like a genuinely good dinosaur. A lot of work obviously went into her, and although she’s got some Allosaur in her for sure, she looks pretty original, at least as original as a dino following the apex-predator format can be. She isn’t stupid-looking and she looks like a smart, intimidating animal. Isn’t that what we’ve wanted all along?

Now, let me tell you why I decided to post this. Actually, let JPL’s Dinos4Ever explain it, because they put it much better than I could:

One has to wonder, however, just how Universal ever expected to keep a lid on the iRex in the first place. They advertise a “mysterious” new dinosaur, and then did they really expect people wouldn’t go looking for it? I mean, I think we all knew it’d be on merchandising, so I think we all knew the day these plates and cups would appear was coming. When you live in the age of the smart phone, well, there’s just no way around it anymore. Nobody can say they didn’t expect this to happen, not even Trevorrow. You can’t allow your super secret dinosaur to be marketed and then get upset when people notice it. You can’t. I mean, how long did people seriously think Trevorrow was going to hold out on letting people see the iRex? These plates, not to mention the physical action figure of it, would be all over toy aisles by mid-June when the movie comes out. Did people really expect Universal to hold out until after June 12th to release this stuff into stores, or did Colin Trevorrow really expect people not to go to Toys R Us and Party City in order not to chance spoiling themselves of the items in the stores? Earliest projections for the toys are May, and with the NYC toyfair coming up, it’s likely Hasbro will be displaying JW toys there, the design would have leaked regardless of what happened today. We can either have no marketing of this film and therefore no spoilers, or we can have a lot of marketing for this film and some spoilers. We can’t have both.

Basically, we would have seen the design no matter what, so better sooner than later. And the leaks are spreading all over the Internet right now, so if you didn’t see the pics here, you would’ve somewhere else. So I quit being wishy-washy and put the pictures up.

About the leaked toys: I haven’t seen them. They can be found in this thread, or at least they could: http://jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=27612

I can’t see them there for one of two reasons: either it’s my browser being garbage again (I can’t open half the images on that site with this crummy Firefox) or they’ve been takedown-ordered to. If someone wants to open the files and email them to me at theraptordash.gmail.com, I would be eternally grateful. Anyway, apparently a lot of new toy pics are out. I’ll post them if I get ahold of them.

A parting note: Please do not post these pictures on JPLegacy. It’s a war zone trying to keep the pictures off the forums as it is, and since they got that C&D, they can’t afford to have the photos anywhere on their site.


2 thoughts on “I. Rex Analysis

  1. Hi! I saw some pics I made like the Baryonyx/Owen set which was a concept I made, and also the small JW Dinosaurs. Well, If you’re looking for more pics, of customs, Diecasts, and also official Items, you can link my flickR Gallery if you want 🙂


    1. Hi! Nice to meet you, and I’m sorry if I’ve used something of your without permission. Would you mind linking me your Flickr gallery so I can display it, and would you please tell me which pictures are yours so I can credit them?


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