I. Rex Leaks


Some pictures of napkins and paper plates from a Jurassic World party set or something were leaked recently. They showed the I. rex, Dimorphodon and Pteranodon. The design on the first two was… well, amazing. The I. rex looked incredible. Incredible. It even had feathers, guys. Not many, but feathers.

In the past, I’ve supported leaks. I’ve posted pictures and screencaps of stuff the production team was trying really hard not to let out. For doing this, I’ve lost followers and gained a lot of disapproval.

So this time, in the interest of the general fan community and helping Trevorrow and the team “deliver surprises” (don’t know how much is going to stay under cover for four whole months, especially with what’s already out, but whatever), I’m not going to support the leaks. I’m not going to post pictures. Anyway, considering Universal has shut down every major photo leak so far and this blog is growing in views, I don’t want to bring on any unnecessary legal problems by putting them up.

However. The leak is still in its beginning stages. You can find the pictures on Tumblr, or even with a Google Image search. If you want to see the pictures, it’ll take you less than 3 clicks. if you really wanna see them, go do it now, because you might not be able to for very long. And I’ll put ’em up if you guys all seem to want them up on this blog. Conscience says no, readers say go, know what I’m saying? For now I’m going with the moral high ground, but if Universal doesn’t make a fuss and you guys want the pictures, I’ll deliver. (If you won’t spread them, I might even email them to you.)

If you want the dinos to stay a surprise, though, let me assure you that they were magnificent. I. rex is a thing of beauty. It’s got spikes and little horns, and feathers on its arms. Really, it doesn’t look much different from the Lego figure. I can tell you that we’ve got nothing to worry about design-wise.

I’ll keep you updated on this leak as it unfolds. If major news sites cover this (and I expect they will soon) and don’t get flak for it, expect a full dino analysis with pictures tomorrow. Either way, this is gonna spread like wildfire, and it’ll either go out with a shrug and a “what did we expect” from Universal, or it’ll turn into a full-on battleground. We’ll see what happens. Stay tuned.

This is the outline from the leak, ’cause I’m just a compromiser like that.

Thread discussing the images: http://www.jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?s=3e92a366fc54f3d49c4068f6b7ba3439&t=25995&page=90

Picture: https://twitter.com/tunakaankoc/status/555497776189300737

UPDATE: Universal has given JPLegacy a takedown order for the pictures, but it’s too late. Other sites have picked the photos up and are spreading them like crazy. (The same thing happened with a few leaked toy pictures, which I’m currently looking for. Apparently we’ve seen the Mega Strike Rex, and he head sculpt is apparently ugly.) People are flaming JPL now for showing the pictures and “ruining” the movie; I personally don’t agree with this, as no one will have the entire movie spoiled for them by seeing two dinosaur pictures. Jury’s still out on whether I’m putting the pictures here– I’m thinking yes, because hey, everyone else is plastering them up– but I’m still willing to email them to anyone interested and simply curious. Please let me know your opinion in the comments. I do this for my readers, after all.

UPDATE: 2DayFM has the pictures up. As far as I know, they haven’t gotten a takedown order in the 14 hours since they’ve been posted.

UPDATE: Screw it:



Analysis to come, as well as my reasoning for reposting, if I come back in a couple of hours (I’d add commentary now, but I don’t have time) and nothing major has gone down. Again, please give me your feedback.


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