Jurassic World Toy Pictures! With Legos!*

*or Raptor Dash is Going So Broke


The news just keeps rolling in! I finally found the “leaked” (they were technically found on an Italian toy site) Jurassic World toy pictures.

First we have Dimorphodon, which the watermark assures us is NOT FINAL. When you look at these guys, keep in mind that they’re only prototypes:


Eh, not bad. The head sculpt could be a lot better and the joints could be smoother– basically, if this ended up looking like the one on the paper plate (currently the most famous paper plate on the Internet, and the one that’s caused the most plate-related drama in the world as of yet), then we’d all be happy. I think this looks a little clunky, but it’ll be polished up by the time it it hits stores.

Next we have a Spinosaurus!


That looks like a really, really nice spino to me. I can see the design hasn’t been adjusted in light of recent discoveries, but that’s okay; the geneticists made it terrestrial and bipedal to begin with, and Jurassic Park dinos never adjust much to fit current discoveries much anyway. What I’m saying is that this is a pretty high-quality dinosaur and it’ll probably look even better once it’s store-ready. As you can see by that charming little bit of rib on its side, Dino Damage is coming back in some form; that or it’s just continuing in the time-honored Jurassic Park tradition of ripping parts of toy dinos’ sides off just for laughs.

Now let’s take a minute for some paper dishes!

It’s baaaaaack.

That’s the other half of the leak that I didn’t get my hands on earlier. We’ve seen the rex pictures before, and the raptors look like they’re either really angry or really drunk and stumbling all over the place, yelling about how much they just love the jungle. Not a big deal, but they’re pictures we’ve never seen before, and that’s always a good thing.

Back to toys. Here’s a pteranodon and a helicopter:


End of JP3, anyone? Also, why? Why does Ptero have teeth? I was so excited when I saw the paper-plate version. My hopes were raised and now they’ve been shattered on the ground. Other than that, the design is a lot like the Dimorphodon’s; clunky, but it could be better with a little elbow grease. And the helicopter isn’t bad either. It looks a lot like the one from the first movie. Someone should take one of these and customize it to look like that one.

If you’ll direct your attention to the little picture under the ptero:


The resolution is pretty bad, but we can get a general idea of what’s going on. That blue thing is probably a gyrosphere, and you can guess who that white dinosaur is. Judging by the presence of those two, this looks like the gyrosphere attack scene that I posted about earlier today. What the helicopter and the ptero are doing there, though, I have no idea. The copter looks like it’s firing at the I. rex– I’m guessing that isn’t gonna turn out so well. The pterodactyl, though. Is it attacking the helicopter? Is it also headed for the gyrosphere? Is it attacking in conjunction with the I. rex for some weird reason? I don’t know, but this is a toy representation of what I’m guessing is an actual movie scene, so maybe we’ll get more clues soon.

Now for some raptors:


I think you know what I’m about to say here, but I’ll say it anyway: there are obviously differences between trained raptors and raptors that live in the Isla Nublar jungle, and there’s probably at least one of each among these models. (Notice the orange one’s elongated snout.) These all look really cool. The green one’s my favorite. Really, though, I’m just glad we’re not just getting JP3 raptor repaints like the 2011 ones.

And here’s a whole bunch of Dino Growlers:

“7 dinosaurs to choose from!” “With sounds, lights and battle wounds! Faithful reproduction!”

Even more raptors! If the raptor’s your favorite dinosaur (ha ha, just kidding, I’m everyone’s favorite dinosaur) then you’ve hit the jackpot. Or the reverse jackpot, because you’ll likely go broke if you buy every single raptor toy released this year. They seem to have moving tails and arms, which is nice but not as cool as Realistic Mauling Action (TM). Ceratosaurus looks like it’s finally getting some justice after that JP3 scene. I like every one of these toys– the raptors even look Papo-quality– except the dilophosaur. It looks like a really lazy repaint of the JP3 electronic dilo. That one toy is the only beef I have with this line. Other than that, a little polishing and everything will look great.

The toy pictures are from here: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3328231/jurassic-world-dinosaurs-revealed/

Now I want to show you some things I’ve seen from Google Images. I don’t know if they’ve spread around yet, but I found some Lego set pictures that all appear to be from foreign sites. At least one came from a British site called BrickFanatic and looked like it was officially released (it’s the third one below) but I don’t know where the rest are from as of yet. I’d be surprised if JPL doesn’t have them, really. The sets are mostly T. rex focused:

EDIT: Apparently this is from 2012’s LEGO DINO line. I’m an idiot.

Here’s the rex design that we saw in that leak a few months ago, being chased and almost being captured by a wicked-looking helicopter. But who cares what’s chasing it– we’re getting another T. rex car chase scene! Woohoo!!

As is this.

Here’s the rex’s compound, which looks to be in the middle of a good old-fashioned smashin’. There’s copters and jeeps trying to keep her in, but no one is safe from her mighty wrath. In front of the gates are two raptor-looking things, at least one of which might be a compy (see my other Lego post for more details). Are– are the raptors and the rex working together to break out and raise hell? Okay, I officially take back everything bad I’ve ever said about this movie. Everything. If this is in it, Jurassic World is gonna rock.


Here’s a glamor shot of the second rex design, a raptor and a raptor/compy. I’m interested to know why Rexy’s changing color all of a sudden. Could there be more than one of them?

And this.

Here’s what appears to be the same person and vehicle form the rex chase photo, this time being stalked by an out-of-proportion raptor. Hey, remember how the movie is using plot points from the first novel, like the jungle cruise and waterfall chase? Maybe this is showing a guy about to shoot a raptor in the face with a grenade launcher, like in the first book. Man, it’s like Christmas came early today!

Again, I don’t know where those came from. For all I know, they could’ve been around for months. Still, they couldn’t look any more awesome.

I’ve saved the best toy set for last. This isn’t even official, but it’s still really high-quality and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Gaze upon it:


Any of you planning on buying any of these? Which one is your favorite?

P.S. Shoutout to The Dinosaur Guy– I reblogged his post and now there are 15 separate pictures of Philosoraptor in my photo queue. I was confused and then elated when I saw them. Bless you, Dinosaur Guy.

UPDATE: More! I found more! I found… oh…. uhhh…

“Become the king of the dinosaurs!”

Wh– what kind of freak of nature is that raptor? I’m assuming by the head coming out of the hand that these are rubber hand puppets, so they won’t look perfect, but I still feel like I need to go wash my hands after looking at that raptor.

“Ready for combat! Moving head and tail!”

There we go. Nice sculpts all around, except for that ankylosaurus, which looks good but suspiciously similar to a Safari Ltd figure that I have at home but currently forget the name of. And look at that capture gear on the raptor! It looks cool, but has worrying implications. I thought the raptors were trained, not captured and forcibly trained. It’s probably just accessories meant to make the toy look cooler, though, and I don’t think it’s anything to worry about. Rexes have come with capture gear in the past, when no such equipment was used in the movie. I think I see a couple of repaints (pachy, spino), but they’re good repaints, at least. And I want that Allosaur something awful.

“The strongest hunters in Jurassic World!” and “Parts that move: claws and tail”.

Finally, more raptor pictures. The dark green one is still my favorite, and I still think they look fantastic. Well, maybe not so much the olive-green one, but whaddaya want, they’re prototypes.

More later– apparently there are even more photos I haven’t seen yet.

Source: http://www.scified.com/site/jurassicworld/first-look-at-hasbros-jurassic-world-toy-line

UPDATE: I’ve heard people in this thread (http://jplegacy.org/board/showthread.php?t=27612&page=11) talking about a toy that’s apparently a stegosaurus/triceratops hybrid. I could care less if it’s released as a toy, but that right there is one of the small list of things that I think should absolutely not be in the movie at all. Also, apparently there was an I. rex puppet picture leaked too (it’s in the photo with the other two). That got smacked with a takedown order from Universal, and apparently so did the other I. rex toys. But, again, it’s too late and they’re still on the Internet somewhere. I am still looking for them. If someone wants to help me– either by posting a photo(s) in the comments or by emailing them to me at theraptordash@gmail.com– I would really, really appreciate it.

Another Lego set:

This too. Sorry.

Again with the capture gear. I’m starting to think these aren’t real movie scenes, which is more than a little disappointing (see: raptor and rocket launcher). Those are some big raptors. Look at ’em, they’re the size of trucks.

This is the bluured I. rex puppet picture:


Honestly, with the napkins and plates wallpapering the Internet, you’d think censoring images like this would be unnecessary. Everyone who wants to see the I. rex has seen it by now. But whatever, we’ll all see the puppet when it hits stores.

Speaking of which, there’s more plate-related drama going on in the fandom right now than a Shakespeare play put on by stegosaurs. I’m not taking sides and I’m not gonna argue. I just want to remind everyone reading this that, after the leaks have settled down, we’ll still be a fan community and we’ll still all have the same love of dinosaurs. So if you want to look at the leaks, look all you want, and if you don’t, avert your eyes. Do whatever you want and don’t let anyone bother you for it. Sooner or later the fighting will stop, and if we all stop taking part in it, it’ll stop sooner. Please don’t feed the trolls.

UPDATE: Sorry to spam you guys with updates. Found another picture:


Is this that bad head sculpt everyone’s been talking about? I mean, it’s not that bad, it’s nice in a wow-this-is-pretty-good-for-$6-at-Walmart type of way, but it isn’t great, you know? This isn’t terrible, but it needs work.

Found these, too:


Yep, those sure are raptor-claw versions of Hulk Hands. I will be purchasing at least 2 pairs.


4 thoughts on “Jurassic World Toy Pictures! With Legos!*

  1. Man, I am ready for the toy shelves to be once again filled to the brim with dinosaur toys, as they should be.
    Thanks for the shout out, although I’m not sure how filling you’re computer with Philosoraptor images is worthy of one.


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