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A French magazine called L’Ecran Fantastique published an article on Jurassic World recently, which confirmed some interesting details about the plot. It isn’t long, but it gives us a general idea of how the plot will progress. Plus, we’ve solved the mystery of why Claire keeps visiting Owen in screencap after trailer after screencap! Let’s dig in, shall we? Keep in mind that this is translated from French:

Claire is a serious woman who evolve in a place where everything is under control.

Like I said earlier, all the signs are pointing to Claire being a very smart, very serious woman who flourishes in a lab but doesn’t really consider the consequences of what might happen when her experiments aren’t experiments anymore. I like this a lot, and although I hope she isn’t just a one-dimensional, emotionless scientist, it’ll be nice to see a personification of Jurassic Park’s scientists, who’ve only been criticized in these movies (for good reasons, but still) and haven’t really been shown as fleshed-out people. By focusing on her character and Henry Wu’s, we’ll see more than “scientists who so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should”; we’ll see people with different and interesting motivations. Anyway, yay for Claire.

D-rex escapes (it was created due to the fact that after 10 years, the park is not reaching their expectations anymore, recreating Dinosaurs is a step, and it’s time to manipulate them, visitor’s want something bigger, making louder noise, with more teeth),

Tell us something we don’t know. Also, this is a source that seems to be close to the movie’s production, so… why are they still calling it a D. rex? You’d think they would have heard of the name change, especially since the animal has apparently been called an I. rex for long enough that toys are being manufactured under the name right now. The name change didn’t happen a week ago, we just heard of it then. This is causing some really unnecessary confusion. Pick a name, guys, geez.

gyrosphere of the kids is attacked, so Claire calls Owen to help her finding them.

Okay, that’s an interesting detail. Judging by the trailer, the I. rex did the attacking, so we know when the first attack scene will be. And we solved the mystery of why Claire pulls up to Owen’s tin can house (in her Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe (TM), now equipped with mesh seats and extra cup-holders so you can ride in style. Mercedes-Benz, Das Beste oder nichts (TM)) and looks so worried. By the way, it’s also been confirmed that the two boys are Claire’s estranged nephews. All the kids in these movies are estranged from their grandparents/parents/aunts, aren’t they? Leave it to Spielberg. Also, is this a part of the movie’s possible “help Claire loosen up and learn to be less serious” subplot that some have speculated about?

Oh man, I just thought of something. You know how everyone watches the first movie and complains about how Tim is invincible and barely gets hurt despite almost dying over and over? And then some of those people go on TVTropes and argue and try to work out the exact details of why Tim was able to survive bones falling on him, getting whammed from above by a car, etc.? Imagine how people will react when two young kids are attacked by a dinosaur that’s bigger, badder, meaner and much deadlier than T. rex and survive without any major injuries. That should be interesting.

Raptors behaviours is studied by Owen, he’s trying to find out where’s the limit between Raptors and Humans relationships. His character is describe as being between Ian Malcolm (cynical) and Alan Grant (amazed by the nature’s wonders).

The limits between raptors’ and humans’ relationships, huh? Okay, that’s not exactly a widely applicable problem as far as we know, but it could be interesting. Especially if they’re engineering tiny raptors for domestic ownership or something. You know what, I think I can get behind this. And I really hope Owen is an actual original character who just happens to have some of those two characters’ traits, not a combination expy for them both. We liked those two characters, but if we’re gonna see Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, we want Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm, not the two of them mashed together in a grotesque science experiment.

It’s also written that Trevorrow wanted to create a strong relationship between Owen and Omar Sy (they are best friends), something that could be used later (SEQUELS).

Something else we’ve heard before. I wonder what Omar Sy does? Maybe he’s another animal keeper. Or the second-in-command of the Raptor Squad.

SEQUELS. Yes, sequels. Give them to us. All of the sequels. Every sequel.

D’Onofrio is the bad guy “several scenes will become iconic”…. !

By “iconic” I assume they mean one of two things: iconic (like the T. rex attack scene from the first movie) or overused, long-lived meme (like “Life finds a way”). Here’s hoping it’s the first.

(There also a part about the numerical Dinosaur evolution through the movies, but not any JW pic, and a part about Dinos in movies in general)”

All right! Fans have been trying to work out the different types of dinosaurs on the different islands, the species’ points of separation, how they developed and why, etc. (for instance, how did the feather mohawks come to be?) and now we might get some answers! I’m legitimately interested in seeing how and why the different dinosaurs have changed. Bonus points of this includes an explanation of the difference between wild raptors and the raptors that live in the park.

That’s the end of the article. Now we have a basic plot outline for the first act of the movie: two kids go to Jurassic World to visit their Aunt Claire, they have funtimes, the I. rex is introduced, the kids go on a gyrosphere ride and the I. rex attacks them and Claire and Owen go out looking for the kids. Seems pretty exciting so far!

Thanks to Jurassic Park Legacy for the excerpt.


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