More Toy Pictures and Raptor Names


^Yeah, I’m gonna start doing that from now on. I would like to post leaks because I know most readers tend to want to see them, so I’ll give fair warnings when spoilers are in posts as a compromise. And three posts in one day, wow. It just never stops.

I found the rest of the toy leaks! Uncensored!


Here’s the full T. rex. Now that I look at the whole body, the head sculpt really doesn’t look that bad. It has nice muscle definition and coloration– I think this is a pretty solid rex.


There’s your I. rex, everyone, which I’ll get to in a minute. First, Dino Damage galore. What kind of fights have all these animals been getting in? Second, there’s the Stegoceratops. It’s just as hideous as I imagined it. The poor thing looks like it got into a The Fly-esque matter transporter accident.

This comes to mind.
This comes to mind.

Again, I don’t care one itty bit if this is made into a toy. If Universal gets more money from it, more power to them. But I really need this to not be in the movie. With all these leaks going on, we’d probably have known long before this if there was a second mutant dino in the film, but still. I need to go to my happy place for a second. I need to post a Malcolm picture.

“Worst idea in the long and sad history of bad ideas. I said it, Raptor, will you come out of the pillow fort now?”

Better now. By the way, that thing I said the ankylosaur looked like that I couldn’t remember the name of? Schleich’s Saichania. It’s a dead ringer, except the tail is raised a little higher. Whatever. I’m buying one anyway. Team Anky 4 lyfe.

And now, the moment we’ve all been waiting for:


Aww yeah, guys, they’re gonna do it! They’re gonna fight! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! I mean, there wasn’t any way they wouldn’t, but oh yeah! It’s official!

That said, I’m not too crazy about this. It doesn’t stink, but it could be better, especially the head. The arms look a tad too big and the horns and spikes look wrong. Actually, she looks a heck of a lot like a dragon. This definitely needs some polishing, but I can see a good toy in there somewhere. If they dig a little, maybe the toy artists will be able to find it.

Google Translate informs me that the “skin changes color” (something you would sort of expect in a camouflaging dinosaur), that it has “sounds and lights from fear” and that “the king of Jurassic World is among us”. The last one is actually a really cool tagline. I wanna see that on a poster.


There’s the I. rex puppet. To me, it looks for all the world like a cross between  Rudy from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and those Disney’s Dinosaur puppets I had as a kid. Interpret freely.

That’s it for new toy designs, but we have even more exciting news. We know the names of the members of the Raptor Squad! Check it out:




Try to tell me Delta and Echo aren’t prefect raptor names. Just look me in the eyes and try to tell me. Also, I find it utterly hilarious that they named a killer velociraptor Charlie. “GO, CHARLIE! TEAR HIM APART!” All right, maybe it’s just me.

Whew, I’ve worked a lot today. We wanted Jurassic World news and we got it! Now to sit down and plan out my budget. I’m gonna need the self-control of a superhero when these things come out, or I’ll be $500 in the hole by the time they start unpacking the second box of merchandise at Toys ‘R Us.

Eternal thanks to Jurassic World Italia for the pictures:

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Raptor!

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