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Since no new Jurassic World new came out today, I thought I’d share a couple of odds and ends that couldn’t quite fill their own posts.

First, I found it odd that this shows up when you google ‘Jurassic World’:


It’s very possible that since Michael Crichton came up with the original Jurassic Park story, he gets the story and part of the screenwriting credit. But you’ve gotta wonder—just how much of the movie is made up of deleted novel scenes and ideas that the novel’s author wrote the majority of the story? So far, the stuff in Jurassic World that we know is from the novel is short but significant:

  • Camouflaging, carnivorous dinosaurs
  • A jungle river ride
  • A scene where two kids fall down a waterfall, probably in a raft
  • A scene where two kids are chased/ attacked by a predator in or very close to an isolated jungle river

Could there be more? Or is the story just credited to Crichton because he’s the first on the list of screenplay contributors (and he should be; he built the franchise and they’re still using his ideas, after all)? Either way, I found that intriguing.

Next, I was reading JPL’s encyclopedia (which is incredible and exhaustive; there’s an entire entry about the dish that Baselton was eating during his meeting with Dodgson in the novel. These people don’t mess around) when I found this entry:

The part about the rides caught my eye. Here’s what the section on the rides says:

This universe is a bridge to our own universe to make the rides and events in the JP series to seem more realistic. We can count part of it that references the films for the movie canon and yet we can’t count the rest when it comes down to the rider experience. The rides do indeed serve as a spin-off of the movie series and anything in reference to the films is taken from here with some weight.
Information pertaining to the movies may be withdrawn here somewhat safely without much worry of contradiction with the films unless there is some unaccounted for elements yet to be discovered.

Spielberg was involved with the rides, but when it comes down to the rider experience, animals created specifically for the Orlando or Hollywood attractions, or the overall story for the ride’s creation it cannot be counted as canon events for the films, as no movie has acknowledged a park in Orlando or Hollywood. If there was something here that would contradict anything in the movies then the rides would be off the list entirely of safe sources for the films. Also, worthy of a note is that both rides contradict each other when it comes to rider experience itself as key moments within the ride are different at the Orlando or Hollywood theme parks.

This does make sense, but I had a little idea and I’d like to propose a different hypothesis. Speaking as someone who’s been on both rides many, many times and who bends and twists stories to fit into JP movie canon on a regular and consistent basis, I think the rides fit right into movie canon if you look at them the right way. I’ve been on the Hollywood ride more recently, so I’ll use that as an example; it fits into canon better anyway, and it might be the only one that actually does, because I can’t clearly remember how the ride experiences contradict each other. I’m gonna try my best to back this all up with photos, but not a lot of in-ride pictures are available, so take my word for it for the moment.

I’m starting with the assumption that as soon as the ride starts, you’re basically ‘in Jurassic Park’, on Isla Nublar. Lots of other rides ‘transport you somewhere else’ for the duration of the ride experience. When you’re on Space Mountain, the environment establishes that you’re in ‘space’, not in ‘space in Orlando’. OK? OK.

The basic idea of the ride is that you’re visiting the jungle river ride in Jurassic Park. You go past some herbivores in different areas, and then you veer off into a restricted raptor containment area. It looks like this:


Your boat veers off its track and goes through a fence, into an industrial-looking area:



As soon as you’re in, you see the outside of the raptor enclosure from the first movie:


After that, you see a replica version of the car hanging off the wall from the rex attack scene:

It even sways, as if you weren’t on edge enough already.

So we’re clearly at a point in time after Nedry’s shut down the fences, between the rex attack and the raptors’ fence breach (we know this because the fence door was open enough to let our boat in, and because there are raptors where they shouldn’t be; I’ll get to this in a minute). Judging by the fact that there are raptors all over the place and they’re not in the visitors’ center or the open jungle, this takes place between the raptors’ fence breakout and the visitors’ center attack. It’s a narrow period of time, but it’s long enough for the raptors to wreak some havoc.

So now we’re in a restricted raptor area, and there are two other species running around: dilophosaurs and compies:


In Orlando, these guys are fighting over a bloody shirt. Yeah.

Not sure how the other two got into the raptor area but, again, the fence is torn open and all the other fences are down, so the dinos in the park are pretty much free to move about the cabin. They could’ve reasonably made their way into this compound, especially over the course of an entire night. Before coasting past them—and being spat upon—you go up into an industrial-looking building. It has a mini control room at the entrance, and it’s generally assumed that it’s a maintenance building and not somewhere that dinosaurs are usually allowed to enter:


But enter they do. You see a couple of velociraptors pop up from the floor, the ceiling and the walls:


And while it’s scary, it’s nothing compared to what you see when you turn a corner and look up:


Rex has entered the building. You see some more raptors and dilos, and then you turn a corner and go face-to-face with the same T. rex (considering there’s only one rex in the park):

Fun fact: this part of the ride smells really good. Maybe it’s the mist. Or the fear.

That’s where you take a 90-degree nose-dive (you get close enough to the rex that you can reach out and touch it if you’re so inclined) and the ride ends. The fact that the T. rex is there, I think, places this right in canon and even gives an explanation for the visitors’ center scene. What I think happens during the ride is this:

You’re in the river ride in Jurassic Park the day after the rex attack. The herbivores—Brachiosaurus and Stegosaurus—are still in their habitats because they’re comfortable, and their food grows, in them. The raptors have already broken out but haven’t headed into the jungle yet, and the dilophosaurs and compies have found the pen and are chilling there, looking for food because they haven’t been fed that morning. (This would explain the fight over the popcorn.) T. rex, having just woken up from her lawyer-food nap, is headed toward the visitors’ center—this might be for a purpose or she might just be ambling.

The security in the maintenance building has gone down, and a little after the raptors and dilos get into it, Rexy finds it—she’s passing through it on her way to the VC, and she found a building with no protective measures, so why not look for a snack? She pokes her head into the roof and gets nipped/scratched/bitten/whatever by territorial raptors. Annoyed, she stomps off, and that’s the second and final time we see her. She’s got us, her snack, right in her jaws—and we plunge away from her. Whether they’re responsible for not, she gets a grudge against the raptors for our escape. Later, when both raptors and Rexy get to the visitors’ center, Rexy recognizes the raptors that bothered her and/or took her nom-noms, and she decides to give them some toothy retribution.

I could be wrong, but that seems to fit nicely into the movie canon pretty nicely; it works even better if you take away the we’re-park-visitors and rex-wants-to-eat-us parts and just assume that the riders are outside entities, watching what’s going on in particularly good 3D. If anyone else has ideas about which canon this fits into and why—it does have some elements that would fit into novel canon—I would be very interested to talk to them.

Finally, please consider donating your time (or votes, depending on who reads this) to the Give Sarah Harding an Oscar Foundation:

Have any of you seen Almost Alice? Does it deserve a prize? Do I care whether she deserves it as long as an actress from this fandom gets an Oscar? I watch the Oscars every year, but now I have something to root for. Plus, maybe Laura Dern will be there and gratuitously shown like she was last year, even though Wild didn’t get nominated. How cool would it have been if Ellie and Sarah both got Oscar nominations?


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