Someone Hold Me


Today in UNFOUNDED RUMORS (that, y’know, you definitely heard from me if they turn out to be true) I saw this in the JPL forums. It’s in a Spoof A Quote thread, and was posted by Aincientspino:

*Macolm finds out some guy is claiming he’ll appear in JW as a hologram teaching people to feed baby dinosaurs*

“That is… you all know what. “

I was completely unaware of this. Again, this might just be a random rumor, so please don’t take it as confirmed, but if it’s true, then… hold on, let me step out for just a minute. *goes into the next room* *sound of a door shutting* *sound of “THEY’VE GOT MALCOLM AND BABY DINOSAURS! MALCOLM AND BABY DINOSAURS!” followed by 20 minutes of high-pitched squeeing* *walks back in* Sorry about that. Anyway, if this is true, then I am very, very happy indeed. Not quite sure why he’d be involved with Jurassic World at all– let alone lend his likeness to help the park out– but I don’t care. I’d rather see him as part of an environmentalist group that opposes the park, but I don’t care. I just want to see him in the movie once.

However this turns out, it’s a pretty nice rumor, don’t you think?



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