Keeping the Rumor Train Chugging


I did a little more digging into the Malcolm rumor that I posted about yesterday. Apparently, JPLegacy (or at least Sickle_Claw) is in contact with a source who claims to be close to Jurassic World production. According to this source, whose qualifications are questionable, Jake Johnson will leave the control room and lead an expedition into the old park in order to find the missing kids. This is when he told about the Malcolm cameo, which Sickle_Claw words thusly:

Dr. Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum). He is seen for a few minutes but then you don’t see him again for the rest of the film… He’s claiming that this cameo is at the petting zoo on a screen giving tips on how to feed the babies.

Again, we have no way of knowing who this guy is or how he knows any of this. (If Sickle_Claw or someone else in contact with him would like to tell us, it’d be much appreciated.) Opinions vary on his credibility:

Yeah with the cameo he mentioned, I think that confirms this guy is just feeding us BS. A lot of it still might happen, but it is because he is taking what we have already heard and been rumored to be in the movie. (Nublar7)

I believe him without a doubt in my mind. Nothing screams BS. Everything adds up with my vision of the movie.

Jake Johnson is a leading character, why would every second of his screen time be in the control room. That would make for one dull character. I don’t see why HE COULDN’T get out and about.

The Ian Malcolm thing totally legit…in my head. I figured it would of been a hologram. Nothing all that bad. (DoYouKnowTheMuffinMan?)

Let’s explore the evidence here. Jeff Goldblum has said that he hasn’t been contacted by Jurassic World production– but he’s also said that he’s open to the possibility of being in another JP movie, if he’s given the chance. No one’s broken NDAs or given any sort of hint that anyone from the original cast has visited the set– but look how many takedown orders, security measures (remember how no extras on set were allowed to have uncovered phone cameras?) and general spoiler-related damage control the production team has been dishing out since the beginning of production. If they really want to deliver a big surprise and spring a big shock on the audience, a cameo by one of the original 3 main characters– especially the fan favorite– would definitely deliver it. If I was directing this thing and I had a complete fixation on surprising my audience, and I had a surprise like that up my sleeve, I’d guard it like my firstborn child.

But let’s not forget the in-universe issues. Would Dr. Malcolm actually help the park in any way? He’d never go the the island, of course, and he wouldn’t have to go to the island to record a video, I assume. But would he even do that? (It’s possible that some sort of clause in his original InGen contract made him do the video, or he did it because he genuinely was convinced that the park was safe. Or because Sarah made him so she could study the baby dinos. I can’t stop shipping, help me.) I don’t know about this, and I’m gonna be honest, I’m mostly covering it because of a desperate hope that more Malcolm is in store. Be assured that I’ll keep tabs on this as it develops.

Here’s something else the guy said:

The Mososaur is only really there for the “wow” factor.
It is too large to do anything. It will have some screen presence but not too much.
The action scene mainly involves plesiosaurs which escape into the river and attacks kayakers when the security system is shut off and when the Mososaur attacks the underwater observatory. There are some sort of underground interconnected vents and tunnels where the underwater observatory is connected to the river and ocean pumping in natural controlled sea water. The oceanic creatures also need natural ocean water to survive and so this is why the cretacious cruise river is directly next to where the Mososaur and other sea creatures are based. There is a plesiosaur chase scene.

Hmmmm. I mean, it’s possible. There’s no mention of plesiosaurs anywhere on the website or in the leaked brochure, but the plot of the entire movie does revolve around the fact that the park’s scientists are creating entirely new dinosaurs in their lab that no one else knows about. Plus, they’ve been hyping up the Mosasaur a lot on the official site, so the Mosasaur thing might be a red herring, but I kinda doubt it.

The source on Isla Sorna being mentioned in the movie:

Not that I saw anyway.
If it was mentioned it would have been brief.
I have seen some good chunks of the movie but not scene by scene throughout, although I have seen enough to understand the sequence of events.

That makes sense. There wouldn’t be a real reason to make Sorna a huge part of the plot, anyway. It’s basically no-man’s-land after 13 years of presumably being left alone.

There is a big confrontation between Vincent D’Onofrio’s character and Dr. Henry Wu once he shuts down the parks security system and tries to obtain the information. Owen releases one of his raptors to hunt down Vincent D’Onofrio as he tries fleeing the island by helicopter via a remote passage way on the island. Vincent almost gets killed by the velociraptor but diverts the attention to Henry Wu who then gets attacked and eaten. This is how Dr Wu gets killed. Vincent D’Onofrio laughs it off and manages to escape the island by helicopter with the help of others but it gets attacked by Pteranodons and crashes. While the D-Rex escapes and everything is turning into chaos Owen runs back to the control room to see Clare and orders her to evacuate the island. This is just before he realizes what has happened with Vincent and then sets one of the raptors to hunt him down as he tries to flee the island.*
Although Owen sets one of the raptors loose on Vincent who almost gets killed he cleverly diverts the attention to Henry Wu who instead gets killed.*

See that tiny, thin thread reaching across this page? That’s this guy’s credibility being stretched as far as humanly possible. Why would Owen set a raptor on his boss? Doesn’t sound like something a protagonist we’re supposed to root for would do. Also, the fact that he’s still using “D. rex” makes this even more suspicious.

The bottom line here is that this guy might have a shred of truth in him, but he’s saying stuff that contradicts what actual actors have said. For instance, he said that Jake Johnson leaves the control room and becomes a major character, and here’s something Johnson said a few months ago:

But I’m just the control-room guy, so I don’t actually battle dinosaurs.

So believe what you want, but take this guy’s word with some skepticism. He could be right about one or two things and wrong about the rest, he could be entirely right or he could be BSing it all. Right now, we have no way of knowing. Stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Keeping the Rumor Train Chugging

  1. In my personal opinion, he might be referring to things that were discussed in the making of the film but never made it to the final cut. Or he could just be making crap up for publicity. I highly doubt any of this will come into fruition.
    I’ve learned in covering rumors for upcoming films that almost 99% of the things you hear months ahead of a film’s release are bubcas, so unless something is officially stated by the studio, I tend to ignore it. If it’s not true then I’m not disapointed, but if it is it’s just that much more of a surprise to me.


    1. Yeah, it probably is garbage, but there’s always that tiny chance, you know? And if you’re right and these are early ideas, well, maybe little bits of them seeped through into the final story. But you’re right, there’s a very good chance this is all lies from some guy who wants his 15 minutes. (And I just gave it to him. Oops.)


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