More Toys/ Arcade Game Footage

That’s right, folks, we’ve got EVEN MORE toy pictures. First of all, here’s a Jurassic World Playskool set, featuring… uh…

Note Walter White in the bottom right.

What is that? I know it’s supposed to be a T. rex, but that doesn’t explain the spines. Hmm. I guess it isn’t too terrible for a Playskool toy. It seems pretty sturdy and at least they got the head shape right. Hey, you could use it as a Jurassic Park gateway drug for the little kids in your life! At least it looks better than the last JP Playskool line:

This is actually the best toy in the whole line. Yep.

Next, we’ve got pictures of Jurassic World Hero Mashers toys; basically, they’re Transformers-type mix-and-match toys and WHAT IS THAT? KILL IT WITH FIRE!:


Oh, it’s just the toys. I’m okay with these being sold, as long as no one expects me to buy one or touch one or look at one for too long. They look like dollar-store knockoffs. Ugh, ugh, ugh. No thank you. If you’re into this sort of thing (not judging), here’s where to find them: Actually, now that I think about it, building your own hybrid dinosaurs– isn’t that the exact thing that Jurassic World is trying to warn us against? I smell a conspiracy.

Here’s some JP art from the newest Hasbro catalog:


What happened to that poor T. rex? How did she lose the front 4 inches of her lips? Other than that, it’s some pretty art. The raptor is especially nice. One can only hope that the toys are improved to look as good. (Also, is that the Stegoceratops? Please don’t let that turn into a thing.)

Finally, let me just say something: You people are a bunch of nerds. My post about the Jurassic World arcade game is far and away the one with the most hits, and it’s been read at least 3 times every day for months. Well, it’s your lucky day, because someone got raw footage of the arcade game. Here you go, you beautiful geeks, you:

The general story line of the game seems to be that you’re traveling through the ruins of what appears to be Islas Nublar and Sorna with a group, completing little challenges and fighting off various dinosaurs. Some highlights:


Here’s where you’re fighting off a bunch of raptors in an abandoned genetics factory of some sort.


Spinosaurus! She chases your Jeep (stop trying to make main-character Spino happen! It’s not gonna happen!) and– shoots lasers from her eyes? Huh.


After fighting off some compies, a stego and several Porta-Potties (seriously), you go into the shed from the first movie. Give us Arnold’s arm and Ellie’s shirt or we riot.


You also go into the kitchen from the first film. “The fans want nostalgia? All right, we’ll give ’em nostalgia. We’ll drown ’em in it.”

Screencaps don’t do it justice. They just can’t. Go watch the video, it’s incredible. In the meantime, you know all those wallpapers and screensavers that look like a dog is licking your screen from the inside?:



2 thoughts on “More Toys/ Arcade Game Footage

  1. Is the small carnivore next to the raptor in the Hasbro catalog picture a Metriacanthosaurus? If so I’m excited.
    That arcade game footage is incredible. I can’t wait to see that thing at Chuck E Cheeses and Main Events. I think I saw Archaeopteryx as an enemy.


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