New Toy/ Another Trailer Leak; The Plot Thickens


Today, Designtrend released a new photo of another Jurassic World toy prototype (EDIT: Apparently it’s a custom and not an actual toy, according to the JPL forums):


Is that a Dilophosaur? I mean, the coloration would say it is. It could be a Metriacanthosaurus– which is a good thing if it is, Metri needs some recognition– or a Baryonyx. Basically, everything about it except the size (unless it’s an adult, but the only other dilo in the movies was a juvenile) and lack of head crests suggests that it’s a dilophosaurus. Whatever it is, it looks exceptionally good. I love the skin texture and the quirky little look on its face. Plus, yay for rocket launchers!

The fact that this site has a previously unseen toy (it’s not even showing up in the JPLegacy toy leak thread) makes me think that these people might know a few things we don’t. That’s why I got so excited about what’s underneath the photo. If you’ll pardon my being a white girl about it:


Whatwhatwhat? The only place on the Internet besides this blog that’s taking the Malcolm-rumor guy from yesterday seriously is a single thread on JPLegacy. Either these people are getting that information somehow and presenting it as fact, this was some kind of slip-up or AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I’m being cautious about this because the details surrounding this rumor are still very dubious. We don’t know what we can believe right now. Still:


Find the story here:

Something else happened today– the upcoming Super Bowl trailer was supposedly leaked. (A week. We would’ve had to wait one week to see it. Whoever leaks this stuff must know exactly how spoiler-hungry this fandom is.) I haven’t seen the video and can’t seem to find it anywhere, but luckily International Business Times provided a summary.

The opening scene of the video shows the gyrosphere with the voice-over that says “welcome to Jurassic World.” Chris Pratt appears in the next scene saying “It’s like taking a stroll through the woods.” He is talking to Bryce Dallas Howard in the scene.

Someone says “welcome to Jurassic World”– didn’t see that coming, did ya, folks? And here we have yet. another. snippet of Claire and Owen’s meeting. I assume the ‘stroll through the woods’ is the trip through wild Nublar to see the wreck of the gyrosphere, in which case, no, Owen. It’s a stroll through a forest of six-foot turkeys who want you for lunch. Don’t lie to the poor woman.

The video appears to be a collection of scenes that the producers intended to put together in the advertisement. The video may not be the final cut of the second trailer. One of the scenes of Chris Pratt shows him trying to pacify the velociraptor dinosaurs.

Well, we’ve seen that before:


I dunno, I really liked that part of the trailer for some reason. It’s just awesome to see Owen and these raptors working together. I really want to see the final product of this scene soon.

The video shows additional footage of the scenes already seen by the fans in the first official trailer of “Jurassic World.” Fans get a better look at the Indominus Rex dinosaur in the video. One of the scientists can be seen in the video saying that the new dinosaur was designed to be bigger than a Tyrannosaurus rex.

I think it was Wu who said that in the first trailer leak. Anyway, we knew all of that, and we’ve already seen the I. rex; I do, however, want to see her in motion. For instance, how fast can she go? Probably a little slower than raptor speed. She isn’t too bulky and her body looks pretty streamlined.

The video also features an action sequence involving a helicopter. The graphics of the Indominus Rex appear to be incomplete in some of the scenes. Viewers get to see the dinosaur trying to escape from the gunfire coming from the helicopter. Viewers also get to see an extended version of the scene where the dinosaur chases Chris Pratt.

Well, I guess we solved the mystery of which scene this is from:

I guess the pterodactyl is just there to photobomb.

The graphics are incomplete; keep that in mind when the bad-CGI-griping tidal wave hits the fandom again. Also, yeah! Chase scene! Get your popcorn.

The video reveals that thousands of visitors will be trapped on the island in “Jurassic World.” Fans of the franchise who enjoyed watching the Mosasaurus in the first trailer, get to see an alternative version of the scene in the new video. The scene includes a voice-over of a man calling the Mosasaurus “shy” and requesting the audience to “give her a hand when she comes out.”

Ha ha ha ha! NO.


That’s it; I’m assuming the trailer isn’t too long, which is disappointing. Still, if this is legit, at least we know what to expect. I’m really looking forward to that chase scene.



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