Yet Another Toy Post

Toy pictures just keep on leaking all over the place. First we’ve got a different picture of the… artistically altered… T. rex from the Playskool line:

Playskool Heroes Jurassic World Tyrannosaurus Rex
Now with 20% more Heisenberg.

I’m not too crazy about the stance or the incorrect number of fingers (people are already planning amputations for when they buy these toys for their kids) but it’s not that bad a toy. One problem: what good is that flimsy little chain on the leg going to do? Is the human dude trying to take T. rex for a walk or something? Actually, never mind, that’s hilarious.

I found these guys in the Hasbro catalog:

Brawlasaur 1

Brawlasaur 2

Yet another tragic Jurassic Park/dollar store dino toy genetic fusion accident. Those poor creatures; look in their eyes, they beg for death. On the bright side, though, they look excellent for little kids. They’re called Brawlasaurs, and I assume they’re meant to be at each other’s throats. Can’t dinosaurs just get along once in a while? Unfortunately, I couldn’t translate the page, as my browser and keyboard can’t even type half of the required letters. If there’s any important information in the descriptions, someone will translate it soon enough.

Here’s a list of Lego Jurassic World sets, right on the heels of the London Toy Fair:


ALL RIGHT! DILOPHOSAURUS! She may or may not be in the movie, but at least there’s a chance! Possibly there are wild dilos living in the ruins of the old park. There are definitely two different T. rex figures, furthering my suspicion that there’s more than one rex in the park. Other than that, there’s a lot of raptors, which isn’t a surprise. It is a little odd that there’s only one I. rex set and only one set with Owen. Maybe they’re only selling those two in one place so people will pay more to get them, which isn’t exactly a nice thing to do, but it’s definitely smart.

I’m sure this isn’t nearly the end of toy news. Toy pictures are spilling everywhere and I’m just running around with my hands cupped, trying to catch them. Anyway, stay tuned for more bad news for your bank account.


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