Fanfics You Should Be Reading #6

Welcome back to Fanfics You Should be Reading! In the next few months I probably won’t do many of these, since Jurassic World news is gonna come in like a flood. Given the reason, I’m sure you guys won’t mind.

#1— A Pet By Any Other Name by BlackRoseRaven109–

Summarization: InGen accidentally creates a raptor/human hybrid and decide to name it Pet and raise it. The story plans to span over all three movies, and at the moment it’s very long—33 chapters. The story covers not only Pet’s life and times, but her growing character and how her experiences coincide with the events of the movies. Also, according to the description, the story’s been in the works for at least 10 years. Anything with that much work and determination put into it can’t be so bad.

Why you should be reading it: When you saw the leaked concept art for JP4—you know, this:

181nydm49pq0ojpg (1)

Were you at least a tiny bit intrigued? If so, you’ll definitely like this. It’s an exciting story that’s not as daunting as it looks (the chapters are relatively short), so it’s an ongoing saga that’ll probably be rewarding to get involved in. It’s half sci-fi story and half thought experiment, exploring the consequences of a hybrid experiment and how it might impact the subject. In other words, not only is it good, but it’s timely. Jurassic World might tell us, “Hybrids are a bad idea,” but this says, “What would it be like to be a hybrid, and what would a hybrid think about the ethics of genetic experiments?” And really, those are the questions we should walk into the new movie with.

Plus it’s been in development for ten years. Dude.

#2—Petticoat Lane by IndifferentChild–

Summarization: The story of John Hammond’s past and what made him what he is. So far it’s very thoroughly covered his childhood and move to England, but it promises to go on to cover his experiences during the Second World War and his beginning of InGen.

Why you should be reading it: It’s a character study to the max. Have you ever written a character study? I guarantee you’ve never character-studied as hard as this guy. There’s probably not gonna be a single dinosaur in this Jurassic Park story, and yet it’s fascinating. We get so many prequel stories, but they all focus on the time after InGen was founded. Combine that with how little insight fanfics usually give into John Hammond’s character, and this is a standout story in every way. If you like this particular character, history and/or World War II Europe, you’re gonna fall in love.

#3—Six-Foot Turkeys by Ronnie R15–

Summarization: After a thought experiment and a period piece, it’s time for some lighthearted comedy. In a Return to Thunderdome-like story, a group of raptors meet in a little raptor cult and tell the story of how they came to be.

Why you should be reading it: It’s a nice bit of comedy and it hasn’t been done before. There’s not much more that I can say, so I’ll let the story speak for itself:

Clarence simply nodded his head as he heard this and shouted out, “Praise the Pratt!”

“Praise the Pratt!” most of the other raptors yelled now joining in.

“But what about the roaring spitting sticks?” one said.

“I said praise the Pratt!” Clarence roared.

Just go read the thing.

–BONUS: Where Are They Now—

Two fanfics that I’ve recommended in the past need to be mentioned. Out of the Mist by CeruleanPen ( has been updated after a long, long wait, so go check it out because it’s fantastic. I don’t know what this girl is doing writing fanfiction instead of a world-changing novel, but I’m not complaining.

And John Hammond: Revenge of Darkness ( has only 22 hits, which is nothing short of a travesty. I know I made it sound dumb, but it’s a funny story, seriously.


7 thoughts on “Fanfics You Should Be Reading #6

  1. I tried writing a JP fan fiction but I gave up on finishing it. I love to write, and i always have so many ideas but I never seem to stick to them long. I think my blog is probably the thing I’ve been the most committed to. It was about a paleontologist who illegally travels to Isla Sorna to study the dinosaurs, and the entire story was composed of his journal entries. He was at first excited to see real live dinosaurs, but eventually had to deal with the many predators. I kind of wish I continued it.


      1. I just re-read it, and I think it’s fantastic and definitely worth finishing. And I’ve been there, it’s so easy to get stuck in the mud on long projects, but sometimes what you need to do to finish them is see that other people are legitimately interested in what you have to write. I never would have finished Pangaea if I hadn’t published it and gotten positive feedback from people who liked it. Maybe you should put Field Journal up on your blog, and the encouragement you’ll get from your readers will spur you on to finish it. Hey, couldn’t hurt, right?

        Hey, maybe I could even do an interview with you!


    1. And I know exactly what you’re saying, it’s tough for me to commit to big long stories, which is why i do so many one-shots. That’s why i started this blog, because I had so many little thoughts about Jurassic Park that couldn’t form into coherent or long stories.


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