Hero Masher Pictures

We’ve got more photos of the Jurassic World Hero Mashers toys! Featuring:

Angry the Ankylosaur!
well 1
Pissed the Pteranodon!
well 2
Whatever the $%^# This Is the Velociraptor!
well 4
Sad Sack the Spinosaur!
well 3
Stupid-Looking the… oh, no. No, no no.
Oh, honey, no.

This Stegoceratops thing is getting bigger by the minute. Either it’s in the movie (more on that in a minute) or someone had Hasbro had the idea for this dinosaur OC and just needed to share their brainchild with the world. This is the third Stegoceratops toy we’ve seen so far, and the more pictures of it crop up, the more likely it is that we’ll see this thing tromping around Jurassic World.

Since we’ll need to do a lot of reality-facing if this turns out to be canon, I might as well talk about what Stegoceratops in the movie might imply. Obviously it would have to be created by the same scientists who made D. rex, and probably with the same intentions. Either that or it’s a failed genetic experiment, a splicing mistake that came to be before they perfected DNA mixing. If it’s the second, it’ll probably break out of its containment/enclosure and get its revenge on the scientists, driving home the movie’s moral– come on, can you see this animal’s story arc ending any other way? I can also kinda see Owen finding this hidden away in a lab, and that being the moment he realizes that messing with DNA is never OK, or whatever. However it turns out, this animal doesn’t look like it lives a pleasant life. I have a feeling it’s some kind of representation of the darker side of Jurassic World, and if so, then it might actually fit into the movie and making it canon might not be so terrible. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Finally, we’ve got:

Miserable-Looking the Mosa/Spino!

You know what? That actually isn’t so awful, because if they make a Mosasaur set that looks good, I’d actually welcome it. We haven’t seen any Mosasaur toys so far– they’re presumed to be in the line after the pictures we’ve seen– so even a sub-par Hero Mashers toy would be nice not to have to wait for. By the way, the Mosa-Spino is probably just a suggested combination (like the AppleDash and PinkieShy mashup ponies that they suggest you make on the back of those My Little Pony Pop toys). I know, I panicked for a minute too.


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