Super Bowl Trailer

Well, that was some trailer last night, huh? It was twice as long and about twenty times better than I expected it to be. Let’s dive into it, shall we? I’m writing this with the assumption in mind that you’ve seen the trailer already, but it’s in the post right below this if you haven’t. Oh, and I got screencaps! Pardon the YouTube stuff, I was taking them in the middle of the most exciting part of the game.

First is a bunch of footage that we’ve seen before, with the notable addition of the mosasaur-is-shy part. She isn’t shy, for the record, she’s just in a food coma from the last tourist kebab she had. Then there’s:


I don’t have a gif of this, but I wish I did because this part is adorable. I just love these stegos galloping along on their stubby little legs. Silly stegosaurs, you can’t run that fast, you’re too chubby! Heehee! Oh, and they’re running from the I. rex, and everyone in this shot is either gonna die or get ripped up.

I don’t have a way to watch the trailer and I don’t have it memorized quite yet, so these might not be in order. Over Claire saying, “We have a new attraction. Think it’ll scare the kids?” we see a shot of what I assume is the I. rex paddock:


Oh man, are they having a load-in scene like the very beginning of the first movie? I am more than okay with that, as long as it’s not a shot-for-shot remake. Then we get a glimpse of the I. rex, who’s camouflaging:


Man, she looks contemptuous, and I guess her camouflaging looks better to the movie characters than to us, because she isn’t doing that fantastic a job of blending in with those leaves. Speaking of which, this is probably a good time to mention that the special effects are probably not finished. You probably knew that already, but the effects still aren’t Jurassic Park-caliber and people are probably starting to complain right about now. It’ll look better in four months, I can tell you that for sure.

Anyway, look at her face. That’s a really clear expression, I wonder if she has a wide range of facial expressions– and if that could come from human DNA.

And now we see Owen stopping that raptor attack like we saw in the leaked trailer so long ago:



Is it just me, or are those raptors’ colors almost identical? There’s a notable blue stripe down the one in the middle– I’m guessing that’s Blue– but otherwise they look exactly alike. I think there are two possibilities for why that could be: the colors and features that distinguish them just haven’t been added in yet, or the color differences on the toys were really, really exaggerated. On the toys you can really tell the members of the Raptor Squad apart, but that may have just been a marketing decision so people buy all four toys. Seriously, though, is it really going to matter which raptor does what in the movie? It might not be a big deal.

Next is Owen hiding under a truck or something while I. rex hunts him. Note the Lost World nod:


Ooooooh, look at the blood on her teeth! She just killed! You go, I. rex! Though, for such an advanced dinosaur, you’d think she’d have a good enough sense of smell to tell when there’s a Pratt two feet from her nose. I should also point out that even her somewhat subdued roar sounds great.

Next we see a sick and/or injured apatosaur lying in a field, presumably after the gyrosphere attack. In a voice-over Owen says, “She’s killing for sport.”


Here’s another novel throwback, at least a partial one. In the first book, if you’ll recall, there was a sick stego instead of a sick trike, and the various doctors tended to it and saw what was making it sick. This guy was probably attacked by the I. rex and it’s an apatosaur, but it still might be a reference. Maybe they’ll throw in a line about “the poor guy’s breathing like a man on the top of Mount Everest” or something. I dunno. Also, PRACTICAL EFFECTS! WE HAVE A PRACTICAL APATOSAUR! And it looks amazing! See how detailed the skin is?!

Claire jumps when the guy raises his head:


Again, it’s cool if she’d rather be indoors, but I hope it’s not a big plot point that she’s prissy. Also, she is so pretty. How did I not notice that before?

And here’s the extended chase scene we were promised:


For some reason, I don’t think this is a big, huge moment. I think this will be before even the gyrosphere attack, and maybe it’ll serve to make Owen distrust the I. rex and set up how dangerous she is. I think this is just a minute-long action sequence and not anything really climactic. That said, it’s freakin’ awesome. I tried to screencap the exact moment I. rex snatches up the guy in the blue suit, and here’s the best I could do:


LOOK AT THAT! She just grabbed him up like a TWINKIE! I mean, poor guy, but WOW! I’m starting to like this I. rex more and more. Also, she had gigantic hands. I’m guessing she got that from her raptor DNA.

Here’s a shot of Owen shooting at something, probably the I. rex, while saying “We’re going after it with everything we’ve got,”:


Please don’t tell me guns need to be involved here. These people have the most deadly dinosaurs to ever exist in the palms of their hands and trained as weapons, they don’t need to go all Rambo. Also, are those soldiers in the background? What did we learn from JP3, people?

After this, we see more Raptor Squad footage. There’s no new Raptor Squad shots, just Owen doing a wicked motorcycle jump in the jungle. Anyway, now we know that the Raptor Squad (man, I love typing that) is going after I. rex.

Next, see if you can spot the subtle nod to the first movie:


You know, I think that shot was even taken right from the first film. I like that we’re getting references to the previous films, but seriously, this is a whole new movie here. We don’t want to see Jurassic Park over again, we want to see Jurassic World. On the bright side, though, the nods we’ve gotten so far– this shot, the Gray-in-the-tent scene, Claire screaming “Run!”– have been pretty minute and might not be as prominent in the movie as they are in the trailer. I sure hope so.

All right, now we know why Owen has that gun, or at least we have an idea of why. Check this out:


I don’t know why, but I really, really like the way I. rex is walking here. It’s sort of like “lumbering with purpose”. She’s going to #&*^ some stuff up, and she’s completely determined to do so, but she’s taking her sweet time because I. rex does as I. rex pleases. Note that the bullets seem to have no effect on her– supporting my bulletproof hypothesis– and that she appears to be in the wild Nublar jungle. I guess she was bound to end up there at some point.

Once they’re in the jungle, she attacks!


Whoa! That’s such a cool shot! That guy is so dead and I. rex isn’t screwing around, that’s for sure. Look at that lunge! The effects might be unfinished, but you can’t deny it, that’s a powerful image. But this isn’t the coolest shot in the trailer– that’s still coming up. (Still no forked tongue. I cry.)

And here come the pterodactyls!


Owen says something like, “You’ve got 20,00 people here without any way to get out.” Again, 20,000 people and they say the park is losing visitors? What was their original goal?

This is another part that you really need to see in action to get the full impact of. All these escaped pterodactyls and dimorphodons swoop down on the park visitors like Furies:


It’s basically The Birds with flying reptiles. It’s pretty awesome, and the effects look good. Gray and Zack look worried, and rightfully so:


And then, there is is. The best shot in the entire trailer. I can guarantee you that most of the people who watched this gasped out loud, because I know I did:


WHOOOOO! That’s AMAZING! Look at how it grabbed her! There’s gonna be on-screen deaths in this, we can say that for sure now. This ain’t a kiddie movie. It just swooped in and snatched her! WHOOOO!

The logo shows and the theme plays, and then we’re with the boys in the gyrosphere again. Poor little Gray, seeing the mighty I. rex right behind him, says “We’re safer in here… right?”






And that’s the end!

For one, I think that was a great trailer. It was well-paced, it was exciting and it was just so cool! I feel like it had the same mood as the other movies– part dark, part action-y, part heartwarming. I really loved it, even though the effects don’t look quite perfect. The chase scenes and attacks were suspenseful, especially the one at the end. Speaking of which:


She’s got a sickle claw! I. rex actually does have a sickle claw! That makes me so, so happy.

So basically, I love the way I. rex acts, moves and generally looks. The movie’s doing a good job on her so far. Actually, they might be making her too cool, because I’m already cheering for her. They’re kind of making their audience too sympathetic to the villain of… oh, heck, why fight it.


Edit: This site ( shows how the shots we’ve already seen have been updated with better CGI. Go take a look, it’s like healing balm for your nerd soul.


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