Even MORE Toys


We got a hold of even more Jurassic World toy pictures today. Here’s Owen’s LEGO figure, which you may have seen already:


Pretty cool. Not really worthy of a deep analysis (except for the fact that he’s smiling, which Owen never seems to do in the movie) but cool.

From Demoncarnotaur on JPToys, here’s a human figure and gyrosphere set:

From Demoncarnotaur

Before you start worrying about the weaponized gyrosphere, remember that Jurassic Park toys have a long and storied history of adding weapons and cool-looking projectiles to things that have no association with danger whatsoever. Lots of Lost World toys came with spike-covered capture gear, and capture gear was only used once or twice on one or two animals in the whole movie. The Dennis Nedry and Ian Malcolm figures came with huge, wicked-looking guns, and both of those characters had about as much fighting ability and weapons knowledge as your average IT guy. So they probably just stuck a disc launcher on a gyrosphere to sell toys. Whatever. People will buy it no matter what, so why not?

You may have heard a rumor about an “inGen Trooper/ Biosyn Spy” figure, and that guy in the grey up there is what the rumor was referring to. Disappointing Jurassic Park novel fans across wherever novel fans congregate, it’s an InGen trooper. Proof:


Finally, BABIIIIIES! We’ve seen the first Jurassic World plushies and they’re even available for pre-order! Well, they will be.


They’re so adorable! I want them all, especially the I. rex and the little ankylosaur. (Speaking of which, isn’t it a tad bit late to still be refusing to show the I. rex at all? I think we all know she’s white and has spikes on her head.) But they’re all so cute and I will be filling my house with them. Note the Dilophosaur.

Check them out here: https://www.muddleit.com/Home/tabid/338/CategoryID/67/List/0/Level/a/ProductID/2125/Default.aspx



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