Keeping Up With the Raptors

There comes a time in every person’s life when they must sit down and have an honest conversation with themselves about their expectations regarding Jurassic Park’s raptors. The inevitable conclusion is usually that they will never be accurate dinosaurs and will always be featherless scale-beasts with innacurate behavior. This is usually followed by the five stages of grief. However, that blow has been softened for a few people lately. First we got in-universe justification for their featherlessness, and now we have a possible explanation for the fact that they’re trained. From the first novel, a quote:


If you remember that Wu’s in the fourth movie, there you go. They might have bred raptors to be more docile in order to fit visitors’ expectations. Is this the word of the directors or confirmed in any way? No. Are fans in general thrilled with this concept? Heck no. But is it possible and does it come from Crichton’s source material? Definitely. Of course, raptors are still amazing killing machines. They’re the dangerous monsters they were in the first film; they just hunt alongside Star Lord now. (Trevorrow and Pratt have both said that Owen and the raptors have a tense and complicated relationship, not a pet/owner one.) So even though it might not be the best thing in the world that raptors are trained, and people are still getting upset about it, now we have a reason for why it is. They might have been bred that way. It just might be in their genes. Now we can get on with our lives.

Speaking of Owen and raptors, this is hilarious:

“I reaaaaaalllly want to eat his face!” “Well, I am popular now…”

Stan Winston Studios, the studio that made all the dinosaur effects for all three movies, released this gorgeous thing:


From Luigi Parentella from Jurassic World Italia:


From Tumblr’s alienfirst:


*steadies breathing* Okay, now that I’ve got a hold of myself after that last picture (LOOK AT THAT ONE SLEEPING AROUND HIS NECK! AWWWWWW) The Masrani site has added a couple of little things.


Jurassic World is introducing the most dangerous dinosaur to ever live and they need extra security measures– gee, who woulda thought? I wonder about that drone thing. I would imagine they’d have little drones flying around and taking security checks on the dinosaurs and stuff, but I wonder if there’ll be drones in the movie? Because besides guns, I can’t think of a better way of tracking down and subduing an escaped pterodactyl. Assuming it was a strong enough drone, of course, at least more resilient than a flailing person.

What, too soon?


In case you wanted to see another shot of Masrani’s face. More Fortune 500 CEOs should regularly wear purple.


I know this isn’t new, but it does answer a question of mine. It’s now confirmed that a 100% capacity and increasing attendance aren’t enough for these people. If they get as many visitors as they want, I bet the island will sink.

Here we have a post from Masrani’s blog (which is almost as good as mine) announcing the creation of the I. rex. Now do something for me: make sure the room you’re in is totally quiet, turn your speakers all the way up, click on that last picture and listen very closely. Do that for a couple of minutes. I’ll wait.

If you did it right, you should have heard faint screams of “GIVE US YOUR MONEY, GIVE US YOUR MONEY” and “YOU DROVE US TO THIS, YOU DROVE US TO THIS” echoing from your monitor. Those are supposedly from InGen’s scientists and the Masrani company, but they were really recorded in a corporate office at Universal by actual Jurassic World marketers! Isn’t it amazing what they’re doing on those sites?

That’s it for now. Assuming no new Jurassic World news rolls in, I’m doing another author interview soon and I can’t wait!


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