Better Toy Photos


That’s right, folks, again. Another set of toy photos has emerged, but this time it’s official. These photos are from Wave 1, which we’ll see about April– in total, there’ll be three waves, so color me excited and broke.

Gaze with pity upon the tragedy of the Chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex:



Zoomed out, it doesn’t look half-bad, but it doesn’t look good either. The color is off, the head sculpt is adjusted but still weird and I don’t see any possible way that jaw is supposed to open to “chomp” anything. But I don’t even know why I’m complaining– I know I’m buying one. Here’s the description:

The Jurassic World Chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex towers over its prey and bites with a vengeance, using push-button chomping action! Feed the ferocious appetite of the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex, a dinosaur so powerful its bite force was over 6 tons! The Jurassic World Chomping T. Rex features basic articulation in its arms, legs, and tail.



Uh, ignore me. This guy is selling for $20. Next is the Velociraptor set:




Nothing we haven’t seen before. Based on the trailer, Echo’s coloration seems flagrantly inaccurate, but it could probably be a marketing thing so they could sell more raptors. I’m definitely buying a Delta, she looks very nice. Description:

Clever as ever, Jurassic World’s velociraptors — Charlie, Delta, and Echo — are masterful hunters. Now, they’re teaming up to hunt the ultimate predator! Each one stands 12 inches long and features basic articulation in its arms, legs, and tail. Includes one figure. Each sold separately.

… What? No Blue? Is she not being licensed, is she in another line or does something in the movie befall her that’s so terrible they can’t make a toy of her? Gee, I hope it’s the second. They each cost about $13, and they have no sickle claws. Wait, what? You can’t have a raptor without a sickle claw! That’s their weapon! That’s what makes them raptors! And they have them in the movie:


So why not here? Someone pointed out on the site this is from that the most important factor here is how easily they can be played with, so that could be a reason, but it’s still a travesty. Hopefully Hasbro will release a collector’s edition line with better toys, or at least get its act together about this by Wave 2.

Next is the Growler line (phase 2, I assume):



Ahhhh, that’s better. The raptor in this line looks like Blue, and she has a sickle claw and a pretty nice sculpt and paint job. I like her a lot, even better than the Delta one. The Dimorphodon is exactly what we’ve seen; it’s slightly camo-y and has a flesh wound that it should really talk to a doctor about, but it’s not that bad-looking. They’ll both cost about $15. Description:

Chomp, stomp, and ROAR! The Growlers assortment has the same thrashing and biting action as the Bashers and Biters assortment but also adds ferocious sounds to the fight! Each Growler stands eight inches long and features LED battle damage! Screech from the skies and descend on your prey with Dimorphodon! Or distract from the front and come roaring in from the side with Velociraptor! Includes one figure. Each sold separately.

LED battle damage, huh? So their injuries glow. I wasn’t aware I’d be buying Rudolph the Red-Slashed Raptor. Interesting choice.

Finally, the Basher and Biter line:


Ewww, I got it on my computer again.

As you can see, the rex is just as bland as and a little more painted than the Chomper, and the Stegoceratops has arguably the best sculpt and paint job out of all of these guys. I don’t know, I think this Stegoceratops thing might actually be happening. They just keep pushing it more and more. Better than having it sprung on us in the movie theater, right? These are selling for $10 each, and here’s their description:

Jurassic World is open for business! The Bashers & Biters assortment is all about chomping jaws and bashing tails in a prehistoric fight for survival! Go head-to-head and claw-to-claw with the monstrous main attractions of Jurassic World, the latest thrilling chapter in the Jurassic Park movie franchise: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, and more. Each figure includes either bashing or chomping action! Includes one figure. Each sold separately.

Ohhh boy. “Spinosaurus” and “main attraction of Jurassic World” are in the same sentence. I’ve bought so many amulets in the past year that were supposed to keep that from happening. I’m not taking this too seriously for now, though. There are Spinosaur toys– we’ve seen two so far– in this wave, but I’m assuming that’s just because Spinosaurus is another official JP dinosaur that they can make money off of. Who knows, maybe the presence of the skeleton in Main Street at Jurassic World is enough for the PR people to say there’s a Spino in the movie. I’m being cautiously optimistic for now, but as always, things can change. (If they do, please please please let T. rex beat both I. rex and Spino in a 2-against-1 fight. I would love that more than words can say.)

Find the pictures and descriptions here:

To lighten the mood, here are couple of nice little things I found on Tumblr. Here’s a set photo of Lex and Tim behind the scenes of The Lost World:

“We’re getting paid so much for this! Wheee!”

D’awww. And, from the JP card cataloging blog called jptopps, this came with a Lost World trading card set.




2 thoughts on “Better Toy Photos

  1. I’m not sure what to think of these. They don’t look as detailed and realistic as the Kenner toys back in the 90s. But I was only young back then so maybe that’s rose-tinted glasses for you.


    1. It’s not just you– if you compare this T. rex with, say, a Thrasher rex or a Bull rex toy, the latter’s quality is much better. They definitely skimped on this line. Also, hi! Nice to meet you! 😀


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